Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Chair

I have horrible posture. 

My office chair isn't helping that at all.

I remember seeing these funky looking chairs that were supposed to be much better for your back and posture.  After a little Google action I was able to locate what I was looking for.  I typed in a few numbers and letters and, Viola!, a box was soon waiting for me at my local store.

After mulling over the directions - some of the worst wordless instructions I've ever seen - I somehow managed to put this thing together (anyone remember One Girl One Box?) 

So, here I "sit". 

I kinda like it. 

I need to practice my mount and dismount but I think it'll become old hat very soon (he he he, I said mount).  Hmmm, should I get some spurs?


tsheets said...

"Hmmm, should I get some spurs?"

Hell yes!!

BamBam said...

I don't know if I'm looking at that thing the same way that you are, But MAN I see a lot of potential uses for it !!!


TeresaLea said...

lol - i see my comments are taken

as you were.