Sunday, November 16, 2008

Poker After Dark Followup

We started a little later than expected with the 5 players that had arrived know that the 6th was on the way.  Lucky for him he drew the button; by the time he arrived he was the big blind so he didn't really miss much.

Even though we were pretty deep stacked (100bb) it played more like a regular tournament.  I think I'd have to double the stacks again to get a true deep stack feel.  There were the usual bad beats, horrible river cards, etc.  I won't go into too many hands because, quite frankly, I probably don't remember them all that well.

I did flop a couple of sets - once a boat.  I didn't get paid off on the flopped boat but I did get a nice payoff on a rivered boat.  I also ran Ax soooooted into a flopped set; JJ into AA; and my final hand - 22 into AA with an AK along for the ride (flop was AKx and send two of us to the rail).  I did manage to steal a pot from Fike with 2nd pair on a 4 club board when I reached for chips after he checked the river to me and he insta-folded before I could get my chips into the pot.  On another hand my AKc was good unimproved against Fike's AJ.

In addition to the usual suckout excitement that every tournament has we had an issue come up on one key hand.  I'm still not sure I made the right decision here.  I was the BB.  UTG raised it up.  Fike shoved.  I look down at KK.  I shove.  UTG hems and haws and folds.  Fike shows ATs and I show my KK.  UTG says he folded AQ.  The board runs out with an A and Fike wins.  THEN I noticed that the SB had dealt the board.  I asked him why he dealt that hand when he was the SB.  The guy that was supposed to deal wasn't sure what happened.  Fike and I pipe in that we think the Dealer dealt the hole cards but that the SB dealt the board from the deck he was supposed to be making for the next deal. 

Uh WTF happened here???  Everybody's looking at me for a decision.  I said either A) Dealer dealt hole cards and SB dealt board from the wrong deck or B) SB dealt whole hand.  Either way the hand was totally effed up.  In my infinite stupidity wisdom I decided to restore all the chips to their original positions prior to the hand, keep the button where it was and re-deal that hand.  Granted it may have been a horrible decision since the hand played out to the end but it just seemed the most fair thing to do at the time. 

I did a cursory look at Robert's Rules of Poker during the play but didn't really have the time to determine what should have been done.  I can't believe that's an issue that comes up very often.  Then again, as often as drinking is involved with poker - as was the case last night - shit like this probably happens more often than people want to admit.

When it got down to 3 handed, Fike and Jason were pretty deep with Scoot playing the short stack expertly.  One bad hand and Fike ended up short.  Fike shipped it with 9Td and Scoot and Jason both call.  The flop comes out all diamonds.  Fike is amazingly quiet during all of this.  Jason actually bets into the dry sidepot and gets called by Scoot.  Another bet on the turn.  The river brings the Ad.  Jason bets again and Scoot declares, "I'm going to believe you just hit your flush and I'm going to fold."  Sure enough Jason shows the KdQ for a four flush while Fike is doing his best to not fly over the table and wrap Jason balls around his neck.  That's right, Fike flopped a flush only to get four flushed by Jason's TP2ndK.  Fike wasn't having a very good night.

Scoot ended up taking 2nd fiddle to Jason aka "Luckbox Maximus" when Scoot's Ax wasn't good enough vs. Jason's KJ AIPF - the board came KJx.  Jason was doing stuff like playing KT v AK and hitting two pair or trip Ts, etc., all night long.  Heater doesn't even come close to describing it.

While it was fun and lasted about 4.5 hours, I'm not sure I would do it again.  I might consider it with even deeper stacks.  Six handed play is volatile enough even double-stacked.  I'm starting to think that I might prefer cash games because they are more fun and less stressful than tournaments.  


OhCaptain said...

I wonder how deep the stacks would have to be for me to play as long as the round trip drive will take?

Memphis MOJO said...

You were stressed, but it sounds like everyone had a good time.

About the ruling, it sounds like what you did was the best thing with a mess like you had.