Sunday, November 30, 2008

Smart Phone


I've spent the better part of the last couple of hours  looking for new and improved home screens for my Panger Phone.  I love this phone. 

I'm a tweaker.  Be it my computer or my phone I'm always looking for those kewl little addons or features that will improve my productivity.  By productivity I mean goofing off time. 

One of my favorite places for phone tweaks is EverythingQ.  The have a whole forum dedicated to custom home screens.  I've wasted hours in that forum.  Most of the home screens are worthless to me: sports, cars, bimbos, etc.  Some are so hard to read as to be useless to me.  Every now and then I come across some gems.  Today I found several that I really liked but of course there were small things I needed to, well, um, tweak. 

Right now I'm desperately trying to modify the Most Recent Used programs list to link to the applications I actually use.  Not a trivial task trying to figure out what those links should actually be since I can't quite figure out what Windows Mobile calls them.  You gotta admit, that's one nifty home screen.

If I don't figure this out pretty soon I'm going to have to admit that this silly phone is smarter than me.  Yeah, not gonna happen.

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