Thursday, November 27, 2008


I'm thankful that we aren't having the big dinner today.  Nope, we are doing it tomorrow.  That leaves me all day today to clean house, do laundry, prepare my side dishes, make toffee, blog, surf... oh wait, scratch those last two.  What, I am blogging aren't I?  Damnit.

As you can tell, I'm a master of organization and I never procrastinate.  By never I mean always.  I'm a wait until the next to last moment to get things done kind of person.  I like to think I work best under pressure when, in fact, I'm just epically lazy.

As some of you might already know, I'm pursuing an epic - for my children, anyway - Xmas gift this year.  I intended to be up at some ludicrously early hour tomorrow to snag this gift.  Did I mention that we are doing Turkey Day at my house tomorrow?  What about the wild n crazy poker night we're having for some out of town friends tomorrow night?  Can you sense that I an NOT EAGER to get up at 4am to go shopping?  I am so transparent.

I've been watching online for all the leaked Black Friday ads and items.  That's how I came across the deal I intended to score.  A little more research indicated that a lot of those deals would go live online TODAY!  Yes, TODAY!  So, if you are after some electronic or computer deals from one of the major retailers it might be worth your while to take a few minutes to hit up their website and see if you can order it now!  NOW, BABY!  I don't know about you but a few dollars spent on shipping is more than worthwhile if it means my lazy arse can sleep in tomorrow morning.

I woke up, unexplainedly, at 4am this morning.  I shuffled downstairs to check my Google Reader for any deals that were already released.  I didn't see my deal so I shuffled back to bed being not conscious enough to realize that I never actually went to the store's website.  D'oh.

I leisurely strolled downstairs at 8am this morning and fired up the laptop.  After some cursory surfing it came to me that I should check on the website.  OMGWTF!?!?!?  My Deal!  It was there!  Woooooot!  Show tunes were going off in my head!  You heard me.  My fingers shook as I added the item to my cart.  I had to add my in-law's address for shipping as I didn't want the box showing up on my doorstep for nosy little boys to find.  A few more clicks at I was DONE WITH MY XMAS SHOPPING!

The $13.50 I paid for shipping: worth every penny.


OhCaptain said...

Wow! Congrats. I HATE MORNINGS.

That is all, please move along.

Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm having mine tomorrow to in Illinois.