Sunday, November 09, 2008

WSOP Final Table

It's tooooooooooooday!  Woooooooooooot!

Unfortunately I'm feeling less than perky this morning as a result of a boisterous Drunken Euchre.  We had a good crowd last night but got started late since one half of a couple decided to go out of town after she wrote Euchre on the wrong date on her calendar.  So, I was stuck calling around the neighborhood trying to line up a replacement.  Luckily one of my neighbors was available on short notice (10 minutes).  But I digress.

I'll be keeping an eye on PokerNews live reporting.  My money is on Demidov.  The guy is a machine and totally not gheigh (yeah, I'm talking to you predator!).  Although, it's hard to argue with Phillips' chip stack.  I have a Board meeting on Tuesday night but you can rest assured that I'll be kicking those lewzors out of my house in record time so I can fire up ESPN.

P.S.  You can listen to streaming live audio coverage via WSOP's website.


Gordo said...

So what did you think of ESPN's coverage? The four of us that I watched it with were pretty disappointed. They showed so few hands.

Gadzooks64 said...

I listened to the live audio stream from Bluff Magazine's web site for about 10 hours. I had a pretty good idea which hands were going to be worth watching and sure enough those made it to the show.

Headsup started at midnight local time so I didn't listen to any of that but I did go through the hand recaps on PokerNews. I had a feeling they would only show 2 headsup hands from a match that lasted over two hours. So sad.

Demidov is an awesome player. I was really hoping he would take it down. He spewed some chips with a bluff that ran into a made flush and then went down with 2 pair vs a straight. Hard to fault his play there.

As it is, Phil Hellmuth will probably need extensive therapy now that he's no longer the youngest WSOP ME winner in history. For that feat alone, Peter Eastgate deserves the world's undying gratitude.

themightyquin said...

At 6:00, ESPN runs E360 followed by an hour of final table preview that was shown previously. Then two hours of final table action. If I was ESPN, I would have run the final table preview at 6:00 followed by 3 hours of final table action. As it was, in a total of 4 hands, the 4th place, 3rd place, and 2nd place people were eliminated. What a joke. Unfortunately, ESPN does not care about the serious poker player.

gordo said...

The E60 show seemed like an odd choice. They could have shown last year's final main event episode or even gone back in the archives to the '03 final table with the often talked about Moneymaker effect. Heck, even the ones without hold cards would have been better than what they showed. You've got a poker crowd, take advantage of it.

ESPN poker coverage seems like a highlight reel. It's similiar to going to a 3 1/2 hour college football game and later seeing 5 plays on SportsCenter.