Friday, December 19, 2008

Epic Mac Chat

I've been saving these up for some time now.  I know Mac has been on pins and needles waiting for me to post it cause, well, he's an attention ho, ldo.

Mac: and now that you have my address, I expect a christmas card
Zooks: lol, I had your address a while back
Mac: hmm
Zooks: and I'm sending all cards out by email from now on
Mac: ah
Mac: and i gave it to you?
Zooks: yeah LOL
Zooks: oddly enough
Mac: truly odd

Mac orders his new screaming laptop that he'd been showing me

Zooks: I'm giddy for you
Zooks: how sick is that?
Mac: yeah, that's pretty freaky
Zooks: eff you
Zooks: I can't help it
Zooks: I love techy shit
Mac: now I have your address
Zooks: yeah
Mac: be wary
Zooks: I expect flowers on our anniversary
Zooks: hahahahahhahahahah

Zooks: I'm trying to get my hair done to get outta here for appt
Zooks: sigh I hate running late
Mac: go the sinead o'connor route
Zooks: I've threatened something similar when I get tired of coloring my hair
Mac: although, girls with really short hair have always been bat shit crazy
Mac: except for that chick that was on northern exposure
Mac: she seemed stable
Zooks: yeah she was stunning I thought
Zooks: huge eyes
Zooks: and who says I'm not bat shit crazy?
Mac: I woulda boned her
Zooks: ldo
Mac: I'm not saying you aren't, but do you really want people to assume you are at first glance?
Zooks: nah, I wanna watch their eyes as the realization slowly hits them
Mac: definitely a better plan

Mac is waiting for UPS guy to deliver his new laptop

Zooks: 3pm where's that damn ups guy?
Mac: prolly having his way with my wife
Mac: "I have a package for you"
Zooks: hahahahahhahahah
Zooks: dude
Zooks: I'm telling her that

Mac: yeah, I got butt loads of appeal
Zooks: butt loads would be the appropriate term
Mac: did you end up playing the freeroll yesterday?
Mac: didn't see a post on it so I assumed you didnt
Zooks: I did and was horrible got knocked out early
Zooks: went to bed
Mac: what time did it start?
Mac: thought it was another early one
Zooks: it was
Zooks: that's why I sucked
Zooks: came home from bowling just in time to play
Zooks: and I was running on like 4 hours of sleep or less
Mac: shit, where is that violin I keep around for such occassions?
Zooks: hahahahah, ass

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