Friday, December 19, 2008


No, not jewelry.



Last night.

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We've got at least a half inch of ice covering everything this morning.  And I mean everything.  The kids' school was cancelled.  Of course they were up at 6am checking to see if it was cancelled - even the one I usually have to drag out of bed.  They immediately got on the computers to play MapleStory.  Sigh.

The forecast is not giving me that warm fuzzy feeling.  I guess we better start salting the sidewalks and driveway or we may never get rid of this ice.

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MacAnthony said...

When I read the title, I was hoping to read a sordid tale of a house wife's downward spiral into the dark depths of a meth addiction.

Words can't express my disappointment.

OhCaptain said...


I'm just really glad we aren't getting ice. Feet of snow is so much better then ice. Well, it's a little's safer, but forget it. I'm sick of both.