Monday, December 22, 2008

Marathon Poker & WBCOOP

I ended up 3/6 for the preliminary events of the WBCOOP (World Blogger blah blah blah of Poker).  I'm definitely not in sufficient shape to be playing that much poker in one week.

The first event, PLO, started Monday afternoon.  I played just nitty enough to make it into the "money" and earned my seat at the Final Event which freed me up to play like an idiot for the rest of them if I was so inclined.  I have to admit that I'm probably genetically incapable of playing lagtard poker.

I played Tuesday's event, NLHE, and made it deep enough to score a Step 2 token.  I'd never played the steps on PokerStars but Snuffy has played plenty of them.  That's when I formulated my plan: score as many seats to the Final Event that I could to prevent somebody else from getting that seat.

Wednesday's event, PLO8, didn't start until 9pm local time.  Now, I have to admit this isn't my strongest game.  For the most part I'm not a fan of the split pot games.  I wasn't convinced that I wanted to play this game but I was awake still so I went ahead and registered.  I sweet talked predator06, a friend of mine from Full Tilt Forum and a successful PLO8 player, into railing me while I played.  I managed to make it to the final table of this event!  When we were down to the final two tables I couldn't manage to scoop a pot no matter how far ahead I was.  It was so bad that another player commented in chat that I was only good for half a pot.  Finishing 9th scored me 2 $215 buy-in tickets!  Woooooooot!

I played the PLO8 for about 5 hours and I didn't make it into bed until after 2am.  I had to get up with the kids, make their lunches, and make my pot luck dish for the bowling banquet.  I get to bowling after a stop at Home Depot to pick up salt for the impending ice storm.  I bowled a 600 series, enjoyed the banquet and headed home before the storm hit later that day.  I made it home just in time to register for Thursday's NLHE WBCOOP event.  I was so incredibly tired and brain fried.  I played horribly and went out early.  I was back in bed within minutes after getting knocked out.

I played the next two events but didn't score a seat even though I finished within 30 or so spots of getting a seat.

Sunday rolled around and all I could think is, "WTF, srsly? I gotta play MORE poker?"  I don't think I've ever played this much poker in a week in a long, long, LONG time.  There were 432 seats available for the Final Event but only 369 seats were awarded - I guess I wasn't the only one that scored multiple seats!

Let's just say that the 368 other players were definitely not donkeys for the most part.  My table was unusually tight.  I played my regular nitty game.  I did manage a much needed double up with KK.  Other than that nothing much happened for me.  I went out with AK < TT all in pre-flop to finish about 130.  Prizes started at 100.

All in all this was a good week for me even though is was pretty rough going there for a couple days.  I pleased with how I played for the most part.

Now I just have to figure out what to play with my $215 tickets.  Unfortunately the aren't transferable and they are not $T that can be spent in any amount.  So look for me to be playing some high buy-in event that's totally out of my bankroll sometime in the future.

Wish you could have played this event?  Don't be a pussy!  Sign up for a blog at Blogger and start posting.  If I can do it anybody can!


Easycure said...

I plan on playing a $215 event this coming weekend, as I turned my single Step 3 ticket into a Step 4 on the first try. Step 4 = $215

Maybe we should play the same one and rail each other...

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice run last week!

Gadzooks64 said...

@Easycure I turned one of my Step 2s into a Step 3 already but haven't seen any Step 3s running.

Not sure what the plans are for this weekend but I'm hoping to use one during the holidays while all the donks are running amok ;)

@Mojo Thanks! See you around.