Thursday, December 04, 2008

What Kind of Car?

I'm a Ferrari 360 Modena!

You've got it all.  Power, passion, precision, and style. You're sensuous, exotic, and temperamental.  Sure, you're expensive and high-maintenance, but you're worth it.

"Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.


BamBam said...

I knew it all along !

Erwin Blonk said...

"You are a Mazda Miata!

You like to soak up the sun, but your tastes are down to earth. Everyone thinks you're cute. Life is a winding road, and you like to take the curves in stride. Let other people compete in the rat race - you're just here to enjoy the ride. "

So there!

am said...

meh..."you are a Chevy Nova".