Friday, January 09, 2009

Google Reader redux

So, yeah, I know you're getting tired of hearing me rant and rave about Google Reader.  So this time I'll let them tell you all about it.

Have you ever had a friend or family member who you know would love using Google Reader? Have you ever had trouble explaining to that same friend or family member just how using Reader could make their lives easier (and more fun)? We sure have, so if you're anything like us then we have some useful tools in store for you.
The Google Reader Team is proud to introduce several new help resources designed specifically at introducing beginners to using Reader: Google Reader Help Videos and the Google Reader Getting Started Guide, both accessible directly from our Help Center.

Feel free to let us know what you think by commenting on the videos or by leaving feedback in our Help Forum. Although the videos are aimed at beginners, we're hoping to eventually cover even more advanced and lesser-known features in the same visual and step-by-step manner.
Now get watching, Readers! And don't forget to send the link along to your favorite beginner, newbie, or visual learner!


OhCaptain said...

Nice post! Very valuable information. ;)

Memphis MOJO said...

I knew you could do this, but I didn't know how, thanks for the info.