Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Ball?

What am I thinking?


When my last new ball was stolen it was so very traumatic for me. I hated my team, my bowling alley, the world.

I was, some say still am, bitter. Oh so very very bitter.

I rarely go into the pro shop - mostly because it is not open when I bowl. For the longest time I wasn't even interested in looking at the new balls. Did I mention I was bitter? Gradually I would find myself peeking over at the wall of balls.

My only criteria used to be that it be a pretty ball. I've adjusted my standards: now it has to be pretty AND no one else I know has one. I'm not taking the risk of putting away someone else's ball again.

My birthday is coming up and my family always struggles to find a gift for me. Well, more like I struggle to find something for them to get me but same same. A week or so ago I started thinking that it might be time for another new bowling ball. I plan to play a summer 2x4 league and it would be nice to have a new ball for that.

Today I stumbled across this:

I don't care who you are, that's one pretty ball. Since my pro shop doesn't carry this line it is unlikely that I will run into anybody else with this ball. That and it doesn't get released until the day before my birthday. For a while I might even own the only one in town.

My old standby ball is also a Hammer, a Blade. It's been a very reliable ball for me; I bowled my 299 game with it. The ball that was stolen, a Total NV, was performing very well for me but I don't want to get another one since everybody and their grandmother - and I do mean grandmother - has one. It's a very popular line at my pro shop and even some of the older women on my morning league chuck them down the lane every week.

I have actually pulled the trigger yet but I expect to do so very soon. Yes, I guess I am still bitter, but hopefully not for much longer.


Huck said...

I got a pretty ball for you.

Gadzooks64 said...

Just one?

Too bad I'm pretty sure it's already been drilled.

Clark said...

I hope you get your dream ball as a gift. But not as much as I hope some heavy metal band sees this post and decides to name themselves "Wall Of Balls".