Thursday, February 26, 2009


Not those drugs, prescription drugs.

My oldest son underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy yesterday to help diagnose what might be causing the chronic stomach and bowel pain he's been having for, oh, pretty much ever.

The doctor did find an ulcer beyond his stomach.  He prescribed a non-generic drug.  When TOH went to pick up the medication he was told by the pharmacist that our insurance didn't cover this medication and it would cost $$$.  Well, uh, that's NOT OK.

The pharmacist indicated that he would contact the doctor's office for a substitute medication.  After dropping my son off at the inlaw's on the way to bowling (642 series, tyvm) I called the doctor's office myself and left a message requesting an alternate medication. 

Still nothing.

A couple hours later I even called the pharmacy to see if maybe something had been called in and was told that he also spoke to the doctor's office not long after I had and also had not heard anything.


Sometimes I really really hate doctors. 

P.S. Finally got the call from the pharmacy.  With insurance medication will be $0/mth.  Can't complain anymore I guess.


Huck said...

Kinda dumb to blame the doctor, blame your insurance... I'm guessing your son's doctor prescribed an acid reducer like Nexium, etc... FWIW my insurance won't cover these medications for me either because I'm "Too young."

cheer_dad said...

Funny, I had my run in with the medical world today and yesterday...

Suffice it to say, I feel your pain.



OhCaptain said...

I hope the medicine works for him.

BamBam said...

Since I know that you're a hawt young chick, I'm sorry to hear that such a young man is having issues like this. Ulcers bite! Not in that special way that those like us really appreciate either!


I like cheer_dad, I can appreciate your pain. But trust me...... I feel the kids!