Monday, February 09, 2009

PokerSlut Drama

For my dear and loyal reader, I have to pass on this latest little bit of drama that entered my life not too long ago.

The PokerSlut Tour is currently in its 12th season.  Yeah that's right, I've been slutting it up for some time now.  This is not news to you, though.

When PokerRoad started a forum I figured I might as well troll for some new players over there.  Apparently this one woman, BunnyGirl, took offense to my little Tour and proceeded to give me crap.  Since I take crap soooo well, I politely told her to go eff herself told her to take her complaints elsewhere which prompted her to make a total ass out of herself.

In response to her thread a good friend of mine posted a link to this YouTube video. 

I love my fake internet friends.

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PointLedge said...

The best are Berry Greenstein's numerous posts on the subject and quoting Larry Flynt!