Sunday, March 29, 2009

Horseshoe Casino

Day two of Roccopalooza II started out with cash games at the hotel but the plan was to go to the new Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, IN.  I had heard a lot about it and was very excited to play there.

They have two PokerTek tables; unfortunately, they fall under the command of the table games and not the poker room even though they are mere steps outside of the poker room.  Alas, Indiana still allows smoking in the general casino area but not in the poker room.  I can't stand cigarette smoking and those two tables were loaded with smokers.

The 'Shoe allows you to call an hour ahead to get on the waitlist for any games you want to play.  This didn't help us much as we were still on the lists - some of which moved at a glacial pace. 

They were running a 2/5 PLO table and had an interest list for 1/2 PLO.  Several of us jumped on that list in the hope that the table would open soon.  Sure enough it did.  We started playing 5 handed with three of us effers and two unknowns.

I will remind you that we all firmly believe that predator has at least one golden horseshoe up his butt.  True story.  I tend to believe that he's added a diamond encrusted platinum version to join the gold one - just in case.

The very first hand at the table we see a three way all in: DTM ($200), predator ($300) and an unknown ($200).  The flop was KT8.  What did these people have you might ask yourself?  I know I was thinking just that as the hand played out.  It all got in on the flop with DTM having a set of 8s, unkown had a set of Ks, and predator had a wrap on the straight.  The straight came in on the river.  Just what we needed: predator at the table with everybody else covered, oh my. 

Predator wasn't making many friends at the table.  In one hand he read the other guy for AA on an AKx flop and he told him outright that he was going to run down his aces.  Predator proceeded to runner runner the guy for a rivered straight - and, yes, the guy had AA.  LMFAO.  Predator also had KK for second set so I guess he figured he had one out and that was enough to try to outdraw the AA :rollseyes:.

I played a few hands but not many.  A couple of times I flopped the nut straight but with no redraw to speak of so I was forced to play it fast.  I was getting a lot of respect since I wasn't playing a lot of hands.  I was glad that I didn't get played back at when my hands were vulnerable.

Late in the session I got to see the flop for free from the BB.  I had 8d6c3c4d on a flop of 9d7c5c for the flopped nut straight and a straight flush redraw.  There were only 2 other players in the hand and one was the effer in the small blind.  I had already decided to pot it when it got to me.  Little did I know the effer (Sly) had the same plan.  The unkown was short stacked and bet pot on the flop, Sly raised pot.  When I said "Pot" Sly looked at me with the deer in the headlight look.  The unknown shipped his few remaining chips in and Sly called all in as well.  Predator asked if I had a redraw.  Yes, but it's a shitty one;  I do have a straight flush redraw, too.  Turns out Sly had the nut flush draw.  I faded a club on the turn but the first thing I noticed was the river was a club.  THEN I noticed, "Hey, that MY club!"  Sure enough it was the 4c filling my gutshot straight flush draw and earning me an extra $100 prize!  Woooooooooot!  I guess predator must have snuck (sneaked?) me one of his horseshoes when I wasn't looking.  Poor Sly.  It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

At a 1/2 NLHE table predator's friend, dubbed RoadHead by the effers, was cleaning up.  We had all cashed out and were waiting on him when we realized he'd just won an AA v KK battle for stacks!  He had a great session and cashed out for about $800!

The effers managed to walk out of there about $2200 ahead.  We headed to Famous Dave's for dinner and drinks (first round on RoadHead!) then back to the hotel for more cash games.


BWoP said...


Sounds like a fun time. I really wish there was a regular $1/$2 PLO game in Vegas . . .

Gadzooks64 said...

Crubs are da bomb!

I hear the $1/$2 PLO runs a lot at the 'Shoe. Surprising that it doesn't run in Vegas.