Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Roccopalooza II Day 1

First a little back story.

Huck and I had a wager we set last fall.  He was challenged to put on 15lbs while I was going to try to lose 15lbs before the next Palooza - tentatively scheduled for Jan 2009.  Now, considering that Huck is a young man and I'm, well, er, not a young man, this is really a stupid - asininely stupid - bet on my part.  Especially with the holidays approaching.  Regardless, I suffered a major brain fart and agreed.  Even after the Palooza was moved to late March, I had no hope in hell of getting there.

The prize?  Money is irrelevant to us.  Pride, pride is the key here.  If I were to win then Huck was going to have to use the avatar of my choice for one month on the Full Tilt Forum and be my drink bitch for Palooza.  Huck's request was for a Pimp Chalice and a drink bitch.  Yeah, I didn't know what a Pimp Chalice was either.  Thank the gawds for Google.

Did I mention that I had no chance in hell of winning or even breaking even in this bet? 

I was a horrible drink bitch but I did supply a Pimp Chalice that was even beyond Huck's expectation. 
Huck: So, you hooking me up with a pimp chalice?
Zooks: WTF is a pimp chalice?
Poor guy, I was so trying to make him believe I wasn't going to come through on my end of the bargain.  I do think he was pleasantly surprised.

Huck's Ho - Putting the ass in classy

More to come.


OhCaptain said...

Nice chalice! That was a sucker bet...I can gain 15 pounds without even trying hard...

BamBam said...

You make a HAWT DB I have to say!

Wanna' make he same bet with me??