Thursday, March 05, 2009


More medical drama.

The orthopedic surgeon's assistant took one look at the x-rays and declared that Zooks97 needed surgery for his broken bones.  Turns out he broken the ends of both arm bones and not the wrist after all.

So when is this surgery going to take place?  Tomorrow morning.  Yep, that fast. 
Looks like I have to reschedule his allergist's appointment that was supposed to happen after school tomorrow. 

This child better start saving for my nursing home. 


OhCaptain said...

We'll be thinking about you guys in the morning.

BamBam said...

Listen now, I already said that you deserve a drink. Don't be throwing all this extra stuff at me, trying to guilt me into buying !!

Oh crap! Alright, drinks on me. I'm such a softeeeeeee!