Thursday, April 16, 2009

Catching Up

I have been one lazy blogger lately.


I know.

I have.


Between running bad and playing bad I've been, well, sucking at poker - at least in the private tournaments.  In PLO I get it in with the nuts only to be outdrawn by the shittiest flush draw by an uberdonktarded luckbox.  Or, I have a big hand out of position and go for the check raise only to get checked behind and let the guy catch his gin card.  Sigh.

The cash games have been decent enough.  Either I run like the gawds or I'm getting my ass handed to me by the RNG but overall the last week has been profitable at the cash tables.

With any luck I'll be going to the boat tomorrow.


Bowling has been going very well.

I lucked my way onto a team for the Ladies City Tournament.  Since I usually bowl in mixed leagues with recreational bowlers I don't get asked to bowl in the City Tournament.  This year the boys' bowling coach - whom I bowled Singles & Doubles with at National's scoring a nice doubles payday - asked me if I would like to bowl on a team with her.

Turns out a lady that subbed on my Thursday morning league was getting a team together that would be sponsored by a local bowling alley so we wouldn't have to pay the registration fees and had mentioned my name as a possible member of the team along with my doubles partner.

Doubles went very well with both of us bowling over 600 series.  After the first weekend we were in first place but that didn't hold up and we ended up in 4th place overall.

Singles just sucked.  'Nuff said.

I struggled for the team event bowling 50 pins below my average series.  Since all of us had very little handicap we didn't score well enough to place in the money.

In the mean time I have been subbing in a 3 x 4 on Wednesday nights for the lady that subbed in the Thursday morning league.  She's a very good bowler and a really nice person.  I found out that she held a pro card in the past!  I was very honored when she asked if I would sub on her team.

The first week wasn't great but since then I've put up two 800+ series, and last night, a 796 series.  We're in first place but the second place team is breathing down our necks.  We gifted them 15 points a couple weeks ago when we played them allowing them to come within 3 points of us on the leaderboard.  Last night they swept all of their points while we missed two letting them get within one point of us with only three weeks left in the season. 

I've determined that I bowl much better in the evenings.  My body must just not be ready for action in the morning.  That, combined with this new oil they are using at that house, I've been sucking in the morning league lately.  This oil breaks down so fast and moves in very unpredictable ways.  I can't help but wonder if the temperature has something to do with it too since the house is so cold in the morning.  Regardless of the excuse ;) I bowl like crap in the morning and I won't be returning to that league.


I finished the kids' room renovations.  They are very happy with the result and so am I!  The bookshelves give them plenty of room to display all their trophies, books, webkinz and doodads.  The desktop turned out really nice and cheap - only $20 from IKEA.  I still have to pick up the chest of drawers that match the bed but overall the result is fabulous if I say so myself.

The boys were on Spring Break last week.  They managed to stay busy enough to not drive me crazy but we were all ready for them to go back to school this week.

It's another week loaded with errands and doctor's appointments.  Hopefully that will be slowing down here real soon.

Much to my surprise, my youngest signed up for running club.  This from the boy that hates to run.  In my effort to encourage him I've committed to going one of the two days a week of running club.  The first day was the pits even though I've been trying to hit my treadmill regularly.  I'm just horribly out of shape, no doubt about it.  At least yesterday sucked less than the first day did.

Over and out.


am said...

Are those Hardy Boy books on the shelf? Hardy Boys rocked.

Gadzooks64 said...

Hardy Boys FTW!

I scored a screaming deal on eBay for the whole set.

Zerb said...

You were going good until that "over and out" bullshit.

"Over" means "it's your turn to talk."

"Out" means "Conversation over, I'm turning off my radio now."

Therefore, notwithstanding how many times you saw Ponch Ponchgerello or Brodrick Crawford say it on the T and V, saying "over and out" is the equivilent of saying "Go ahead and talk, I'm turning off my radio."

oh, wait. nvm.

Gadzooks64 said...

Roger, dodger.

Over and out. :P

pointledge said...

Zooks - What's the IKEA model for those shelves? I like the idea and gonna see if PointLedge99 will go for it.

Gadzooks64 said...

Pointledge, the shelving is actually from Menard's but you can find it at Lowe's or any other hardware store most likely.

They are double standards in black with Birch-look shelves.

It's an easy, do-it-yourself in a few hours kind of project.

The desktop came from IKEA, $20, and you can get it in a variety of finishes: black/brown, birch, white.