Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I'm On a Boat!

Last night's home cash game was a bust.  I guess most of the regulars wanted to watch basketball or, at the very least, didn't want to play poker.

Fike and I decided to hit the boat.  We called ahead to get on the list but hadn't moved up much in the 45 minutes between calling in and arriving.

The list for 3/6 limit was much shorter than the 1/2 and the table was full of people wanting to move to 1/2 no limit.  We eventually got seated next to each other at the 3/6 limit table.  I folded QTo from under the gun my first hand and it would have been one of a rare few hands I would have won for the night.

It didn't take long for me to get moved to a 1/2 table.  I took stock of my table and was surprised to find that there really weren't any fish at the table.  Several strong players.  I was flanked by two guys that knew each other and were pissing in each other's pots big time.  After one of them felted the other they left to reload.

I didn't play very many hands.  I raised AK from UTG+1 and got a brazillian callers.  The flop came out Q2Q.  I was donk bet into and I insta-mucked my hand.  I limped in with TT and 88 only to whiff the flop.  I played several small suited connectors.  My 5c6c flopped a flush draw but the board paired on the turn and I wasn't about to gambol with the guy who bet the turn.

My total for the night: -$66.  Pots wons: 0

Fike seemed to be treading water once he hit the 1/2 table.  I had a clear view of him and his stack from my table.  It looked like he chopped one pot.  Then I saw him rake in a big pot.  He later tol me his AQ paid off big.  He ended up booking a nice +$200 for the night.

I'm starting to dislike the slowness of live poker.  If you aren't getting cards it's like chinese water torture.  I've played three sessions at the boat: +$21, -$96 and -$66.  Those last two sessions were mostly just not playing hands or limping in and whiffing the flop.  Any pots I won were small because I never hit a big hand.

I would have won 3 pots last night had I played the hand but who is going to play 23 offsuit and call a flop bet on a KQ2 board?  Never mind that the turn was another 2.  Eventually the cards will come my way, right?

I guess I'll find out since I'm going back today while my inlaws have volunteered to take my kids on a roadtrip to a museum.  I'm a degenerate poker-playing muther!  I'm on a boat, bitches!  With my flippy floppies...

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Yorkshire Pud said...

I prefer tournaments live and cash games online. Live cash seems to drag on and on and I always get sat next to some right dickhead who makes me want t stab him within the first fifteen minutes of play!