Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mac Chat

Lazy blogger resorts to pasting chat into post. 

Readers get over it.  No, really, they do.

Mac: amir from jake and amir has a twitter page (no surprise)
Zooks: yeah i've been subscribed for a while
Mac: the real surprise, he follows 2 accounts
Zooks: he rarely tweets but they are funny
Zooks: oh shit I hear outside water running brb
Mac: not sure if he's just retarded or trying to level people
Zooks: it's 66° and they are shooting supersoakers with 40° water at each other
Mac: where are tshirt wrapped titties when you need them?
Zooks: hahahahahhahahah
Mac: amirite?
Zooks: check out this site sometime
Zooks: www.chickipedia.com
Zooks: the degens on skype found it last night
Zooks: they made a profile for me
Zooks: bastids
Mac: BTW, thanks for getting me fired
Zooks: said sometime
Zooks: not NOW
Mac: shit, like I'm gonna wait to click a link
Mac: you might as well send me to don'tclickthis.com

Zooks: he he he

Mac: http://omploader.org/vMWU3aQ/86414.jpg
Zooks: hahahahahhahahahahaha
Zooks: Your wife is so gonna kill you =P
Mac: nah, if I'm looking else where, then I'm leaving her alone
Zooks: lol
Mac: how come that chickipedia page is blank?
Zooks: dunno, blaz says they must have taken it down

(1:10:52 AM) Zooks: played 1/2 plo and won 333$
(1:12:32 AM) Mac: bad omen?
(1:12:42 AM) Zooks: I hope not
(1:12:48 AM) Zooks: that would be 666
(1:13:21 AM) Mac: not in my world
(1:13:54 AM) Mac: btw, wtf you doing up?
(1:14:06 AM) Mac: I thought old people like you turned to pumpkins at this hour
(1:14:40 AM) Mac: this is the hour for the young and the spritely

(1:16:19 AM) Zooks: Roccopalooza
(1:16:25 AM) Zooks: I'm staying in the poker party palace
(1:16:30 AM) Zooks: fuckers stay up waaaaaaaaay too late
(1:16:44 AM) Zooks: next time I'm totally staying in a diff room
(1:18:29 AM) Mac: everyone else preventing you from getting your groove on?
(1:18:39 AM) Zooks: you know it
(1:18:41 AM) Zooks: bastids
(1:20:29 AM) Mac: just ignore them
(1:20:41 AM) Mac: I'm sure the videos on the web will be short lived

(1:20:57 AM) Zooks: hahahahhaha

(6:28:34 PM) Zooks: Poker Stars loves me
(6:28:34 PM) Mac: I'm not here right now
(6:28:45 PM) Zooks: http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/386772

Click through for hand replayer.

(6:46:25 PM) Mac: but what will you do for a bad beat post???
(6:46:30 PM) Zooks: lol
(6:46:42 PM) Zooks: I
(6:46:46 PM) Zooks: I guess I'll have to lie
(6:46:48 PM) Zooks: :D
(6:47:13 PM) Mac: change the 8 to a spade?
(6:47:21 PM) Zooks: ewww

(10:24:01 AM) Mac: haha http://twitter.com/tweettits
(10:24:32 AM) Zooks: hahahah
(10:24:41 AM) Zooks: yeah it's nat'l cleavage day
(10:24:49 AM) Zooks: I'll wave from the sidelines

(4:10:26 PM) Zooks: Gaaaaaaaaaaaah!
(4:10:35 PM) Zooks: Youngest son has 3 maplestory accounts
(4:10:43 PM) Zooks: I didn't realize he had to have a different email address for each
(4:10:55 PM) Zooks: and he's trying to reset his pin on account he uses the most
(4:11:12 PM) Zooks: turns out they send an email with link to reset page
(4:11:31 PM) Zooks: turns out he's got at least 4 email accounts at gmail
(4:11:38 PM) Zooks: there's at least one he can't recall
(4:11:40 PM) Zooks: sigh
(4:11:43 PM) Mac: sounds like you are raising a "user"
(4:11:49 PM) Zooks: no fucking shit
(4:11:50 PM) Zooks: lol
(4:12:01 PM) Zooks: at least now I have those accounts forwarding to his main account
(4:12:15 PM) Zooks: but he'd have a crap attack everytime he forgot a pin
(4:12:18 PM) Zooks: now I know why
(4:12:25 PM) Zooks: he couldn't recall what email account they went to
(4:12:32 PM) Zooks: much less the password to the account
(4:12:46 PM) Zooks: I went through and reset passwords and forwarded the accounts to his main one
(4:12:52 PM) Zooks: that little twathead
(4:13:01 PM) Zooks: and I have a feeling the oldest is in the same boat but I just don't know it
(4:13:08 PM) Zooks: I'm going to make him fess up here soon
(4:13:08 PM) Mac: that would be a good email for him twathead@gmail.com
(4:13:13 PM) Zooks: hahahahahah
(4:13:16 PM) Zooks: yes.it.would
(4:13:30 PM) Zooks: they think that email accounts are just disposable
(4:13:39 PM) Zooks: till it comes back to bite them in the butt later

(11:47:13 AM) Mac: CelebritySex543 is now following you on Twitter!
(11:47:39 AM) Zooks: I knew you were a pronstar and just used this dayjob as a cover
(11:48:06 AM) Mac: twitter is gonna make shit tons of money with this incredible mind reading software they have
(11:49:05 AM) Zooks: lol
(11:49:55 AM) Zooks: so, did you follow back? like a good boy?
(11:50:01 AM) Mac: fuck no
(11:50:05 AM) Zooks: pussy
(11:50:13 AM) Mac: I mean, i obv should given the name and all
(11:50:20 AM) Zooks: well duh
(11:50:27 AM) Zooks: sit back and wait for the links to roll in
(11:50:49 AM) Mac: I don't know if my phone could take it
(11:51:01 AM) Mac: I mean that thing has to last me at least another year

(11:51:01 AM) Zooks: hahahah you don't HAVE to do phone updates

Zooks: Testing out the Yahoo Mobile.  This shit is dif from the AIM.
Mac: you are differnt than aim
Zooks: sfobv
Zooks: At least yahoo will tell you who ison.  Not sure there is any way to do that with teh AIM the way I use it.
Mac: works on my phone
Mac: but I am cooler than you and thereby my phone is cooler than yours

Zooks: LOL AS IF.  I have an aim app but rather not use it.  Not sure how you ask aim who is on via text.  At least Yahoo gives you some instructions.
Mac: now you only need to fixt he dupe posts thing
Zooks: what dupe posts?
Mac: it sent your last message twice to me - wasn't sure if you fugged up or if it was some glitch
Zooks: Might be a glitch.  Hard to say.
Mac: yur a glitch
Zooks: You misspelled bitch
Mac: you mispelled cunt
Zooks: Hahahahahahah


MacAnthony said...

Sometimes I forget how awesome I am. Then I read these posts...

amy said...

Sometimes I forget why I married you, and then I read these posts and I really can't remember. :)