Saturday, April 04, 2009

Poker Soup

Blazman, snuffy, Snarf, cgcpointledge, loser64, nzgreen and I along with miscellaneous others from time to time have been conferencing on Skype during the PokerSlut Tour, the Booze Cruise, AIPS and The Corporation Poker HU tournaments. Blaz has decided to record these conversations and post them as the Poker Soup Podcast.

Let's just say that PokerRoad Radio, Ante Up! and pretty much every other poker podcast out there have no need to be worried about us stealing market share from them.

If you are really bored and think that you might be entertained listening to a bunch of degenerate poker players ramble on and on while playing poker against each other and a bunch of other donks, well then this is the podcast for you!

I stumbled on to some test runs we did of this concept over a year ago.  Shocking how similar they are to what we record now.

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