Friday, April 03, 2009


After I published my last post about all the freeware I use and love I realized I had left out one of my recent aquisitions: Wally.

Wally is an automated desktop wallpaper changer.  It can use or find pictures from PhotoBucket, Yahoo!, flickr and more. 

I have a collection of over 600 wallpaper photos.  I am waaaaaaaay too lazy to go through the effort to change my wallpaper more often than once a week or so.  I have wallpaper files that I haven't seen since I downloaded them who knows how long ago. 

I set up Wally to change my wallpaper every hour.  It does it seemlessly.  Presto, a new background.  I'm really enjoying this considering the countless hours I spend goofing off in front of my laptop.

Just think what I might come across if I had it scouring flickr or PhotoBucket for pics =O!  Give it a try if you're tired of that bland background you've been rocking for ages now.


Antonio Di Monaco said...


I'm Tony, Wally's author :)

Thanks so much for this post! I really appreciated that :)

Btw, a new version of Wally (2.0.3) is available. Just to update you! ;)


Gadzooks64 said...


This is definitely one of my favorite programs!