Thursday, May 07, 2009

Not Bowling, Bowling and More Bowling

Tuesday night was the first night of the summer 2 x 4 league but I didn't bowl.  My oldest had an orchestra concert, my youngest came down with pink eye DURING THE CONCERT, and I had just starting antibiotics for a thriving sinus infection.  I just didn't feel like bowling, sad but true.

Last night was the final night of the 3 x 4 league that I have been subbing in for several weeks now.  We were in first place but only by 11 points; there are 40 points available each night.  We did the maths and figured out the other team needed 28 points to beat us.

The lady I was subbing for was forced to bowl the first game because neither of the other two regular team members could get there in time - the requirement is one regular team  member to have a legal lineup.  She has been having problems with her hip and had not bowled in many weeks. 

Her son did show up during the first game but she didn't think it would be fair to switch out with him for the rest of the games.  At least she felt that way until she could hardly walk by the end of the second game.  Her son did step in for the last two games and we really needed it.

I squeaked by my man in the 10th frame of the first game when he didn't close it out.  Those were the only points (2/8) we won that game.  Our anchor bowler wasn't able to keep up with his man who was ON FIYAH! 

A couple of nasty splits and I was a mark behind my guy for the second game.   The anchor bowlers managed A TIE for that game and we snagged 1/8 points for that game. 

After M's son took over for the 3rd game we were able to get something going and swept 8/8 points that game. 

We were all hitting our grove for the last game.  My man - about a 18X average bowler - decided to put on the jet pack.  I bowled a 212 and he blew me away with a 24X.  I was ahead of him for series up to that point but he managed to blow by me by 9 pins!  Sigh. 

I stuck around while all the numbers were crunched because there was $150 on the line.  In all the other leagues I have bowled in since I moved here have had minuscule payout differences between the places.  I kid you not, in one league the difference was $1 per place; the tenth place team made $10 less as a team than the 1st place team.  Uh, wtf?  What kind of motivation is that?  Why bother?  Why not just collect for the lineage and not even bother paying out a prize pool if that's what you are going to do? 

So, about now you want me to tell you the score so you can move on with your life.  Don't you? Don't yououououououououou?  You think this song is about you, don't you, don't you, don't yououououou. 


One point.  We ended ONE POINT ahead of them at the end of the night.  That one tied game by the anchors made the difference.  How sick is that?!?!?!?

Our anchor bowler had a 937 series!  That's friggin awesome!  I ended up with an 845 which delighted me to no end even though I was beat by 9 pins for series.  I've been bowling so well in this league.  At the end of the night I offered to sub for them again next year or even be a regular team member if they wanted to do a four man rotation or needed another regular player.  M took me up on the offer since her other son won't be able to play do to foot surgery.  Now I have one league lined up for next fall. 

I'm debating about the Vegas league offered by one house.  The trip is the 3rd week of June right when I normally go to Vegas during the WSOP.  It's hard to pass that deal up: Bowling AND a Trip to VEGAS!


am said...

So now Vegas is back in consideration?

Gadzooks64 said...

No, Vegas is not back in consideration for THIS year. This would be for next year's trip.