Saturday, May 23, 2009


My kids are Techno junkies.

The first iPod in this household did not belong to one of the adults.  No, no, no.  It was purchased for my oldest two years ago for Christmas.  He rarely used it but that didn't stop him from wanting an iPod Touch (all of his cousins have had them for a while).  Sigh.  He earned most of the cost from Advanced Reader points at school, $100.  I purchased his old Nano for $100 (what a ripoff, buying something I already bought once!) and the balance came out of his bank account but now he's a giddy owner of an iPod Touch while I now own a 3rd generation Nano.

My oldest inherited my old laptop at Christmas while the youngest had to wait until (6 weeks before) his birthday for his laptop.  They both are addicted to MapleStory and Mabinogi - a young person's version of World of Warcraft and just as addicting.

Yes, it's true, they are total techno junkies.

They have reached that age where I decided to get them cellphones because, while I really like it when they leave the house, I want to be able to get them back home at a decent hour.  They have started running around the neighborhood like vagrant Gypsy children and I can't find them when I need them.

I have already threatened them with a slow painful death should the ever NOT ANSWER WHEN I CALL, but that is only one of the features of the cell phone.  Within minutes of finding the boxed phones on my desk after they got home from school these boys were texting and sending pix messages. 

I had this conversation via text with my youngest earlier this evening while he was playing on his laptop in his room and I was watching TV in the living room.

Zooks64: Hungry?
Zooks99: YEAH!
Zooks64: BBQ chicken chunks in fridge
Zooks99: No No No I WANT MCDONALDS !!!
Zooks64: GLWT
Zooks64: Uh huh
Zooks99: Uh huh
Zooks64: BBQ.  For you.  In fridge.  Saying, "Eat me."
Zooks99: Well tell them GLWT
I just don't know where he gets that sense of humor, do you?


am said...

Technology sucks. I much prefer the time honored tradition of mom standing at the front door bellowing at the top of her lungs that it was time to come home -- after all, that's pretty much the only time middle names ever get used, isn't it?

OhCaptain said...