Friday, May 15, 2009


For a long time now my best friend has been using WordPress to create her blog.  Not that she ever blogs anymore.  I keep getting regaled with how awesome WordPress is blah blah blah.  Customizable blah blah blah.  Blogger is a piece o crap blah blah blah.

Miss T would tell me I should buy the url so I could use WordPress and host my blog my$elf.  Uh huh.  I'll get right on that.

So we were chatting today when it came up again because I had looked at a site she tweeted about.  Very kewl site.  He was totally hawt, too.  Anyway, very nice website designed by this guy and of course it's done with WordPress.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I head over to WordPress and peruse.  Next thing you know I'm signing up for OMGWTF!?!?: It's a Blog, too.  WTF was I thinking?  Seriously.  It's not like I have all this time to just goof off with a website.  Oh, wait.  I guess I do.  Sigh.

I switched themes three different times - the first one was written by hawt guy himself.  Uploaded a custom header.  Played around with stuff.  Imported all of my Blogger posts.  Next thing I know I'm fixing all these messed up pictures.  I find myself spending an absurd amount of time trying to get all the broken YouTube videos to work while bitching at T on Twitter that she needs to show me how to make flash play and embed videos.  Damn her for leaving me hanging like this.

I'm not convinced that I'm actually going to move to posting over there exclusively but you might want to add it to your reader just in case.  I'll give you plenty of warning that I'm going to make the "official" move.  Until then you will find me here, or there.  Somewhere. 

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