Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Home Game

I was chastised by a Home Game regular for not doing a write up.  I retorted that I couldn't recall any interesting hands.  He replied with, "I survived running into quad Kings."  Like I would remember that.

About an hour before game time, Gordo called asking about a cash game.  Normally we run a cash before the home game when we have out of town Effers here for the weekend which wasn't the case this time but I told him to come on over and we would take care of it.  Gordodaddy and his friend, Carm, were here from out of town and wanted to play some poker! 

The pre-game cash game was short and sweet.  Everybody was more or less even still by the time we started the tournament. 

My Home Game offers a one-time-only rebuy if you go broke before the end of the 4th level (20 minute levels).  There were only 3 rebuys which is rather unusual.  This crowd was just not going to gambol.  I had a couple decent Aces but no pairs at all.   I had 4500 in chips at 300/600 or 400/800 when I picked up ATc and decided to ship after a limper.  I get called before it gets back to the limper who makes a big deal out of not being able to fold.  The flop comes out KJx.  Not good for me but it could be worse.  They both check and the turn brings and Ace but I'm not thrilled.  There is a bet and a call.  The river is a blank; another bet and call.  The limper shows AA for a set of As.  The other guy folds his QQ face up.  FML.

As soon as Gordodaddy and Carm are out we get another cash game fired up.  I managed to win back my entry in the cash game.  I do recall flopping a set of 2s against Gordo and raising him when I boated the turn and got him to pay me off on a nice value river bet.  :)

In the "what comes around goes around" category:  I paid off Terry when he rivered a flush to my TPQK only to laugh we he got his hand outrun by Gordodaddy's rivered flush.  Bwaahahhahaha!

I need to have another Effer infested home game.  Those truly are the best.

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