Friday, June 12, 2009


As you all know by now I [heart] all things Google.

I've found ANOTHER reason to love Google.

Yes, you get to suffer through another Google post.  Lucky you!

I've been using the iGoogle homepage for quite some time now.  I love it.  All my gadgets and doodads all on one, er, three pages.

Oh look, tweets from @Zerbet, @smegatron and, you don't say, @ohcaptain.

What's really remarkable about this iGoogle page you ask yourself?  Srsly, what is this bitch babbling on and on about?  I don't get it. 

Well the cool this about this one is the THEME!  The CUSTOM THEME!  I made it myself. 

Oooh.  Ahhhh.  No, really, I did.

I used to use the theme of the day.  It was decent enough and appealed to my ADD but some days were just not good.  I was trolling for some new theme to apply today when I spotted this little side bar that teased me with the idea of making my own theme.  Well, sign me up.  I have over 750 wallpaper files I can modify to use for my header.  Lead the way!

I used this metallic wallpaper I got from to make this theme and it was retardedly easy.  Now don't get all excited thinking you have total control over the end result because you can pretty much just pick a graphic, the text color and the accent color from a few color choices but that's much better than putting up with something somebody else made, yes?

Until next time!  Happy Googling!

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