Monday, June 29, 2009


It's that time of year. 

Time to pack up 90% of what we own and drag it half way across the country where we'll use 10% of it

This year we're going to visit my dad and his new wife at their place on the Grande Ronde river nestled in the craggy mountains of Oregon and Washington.  My dad has lived in the Pacific Northwest since I was in high school.  He's a total outdoorsman -  he loves to hunt and fish.

My kids are looking forward to fishing, rafting and some BB gun lessons.  Yes, I said BB gun lessons.  It seems my dad still has my old BB gun.  My childhood summers were spent at my grandparent's ranch in the Four Corners area of New Mexico.  We fished like crazy,  messed around with the BB guns, weeded and hoed the garden, collected the day's egg, and played with all manner of lizards, tadpoles, minnows and the baby chickens.  Those were the days.

This is the closest my kids are going to get to experiencing anything resembling my childhood summers.  If this goes well maybe I'll just ship the little buggers off to my dad for a few weeks every summer.  Wooooooot!  I love it when a plan comes together! 


Zerb said...

You cannot imagine how much I envy you for this trip, I freakin' love that area!

MacAnthony said...

I happen to be on the way. Pick me up?

gadzooks64 said...

Neener Neener!

I love it, too. Can't wait to get back for a while. It's definitely one of the most beautiful parts of this country.

Just got off the phone with my dad. He's got "plans". Woooooot!

BamBam said...

Enjoy it Zookster!

Memphis MOJO said...

This looks like an amazing part of the world!! Enjoy.

Are you going to take some photos?

gadzooks64 said...

I already warned my dad I would be bringing at least 2 cameras with me. He's an avid photographer too so we should be able to find something to take pictures of.

If I take enough I should be able to find one or two acceptable pics to share on the blog ;)

OhCaptain said...

Put me in the jealous column. That looks a great place to be. Enjoy!

lightning36 said...

Ahh ... memories of spending some summer weeks at my grandma's house

Melody said...

Wow so beautiful. Hope you have a great trip.