Thursday, July 16, 2009

BlackBerry Fever

BlackBerry fever.

I have it. 

It's what has been occupying most of the time since last Sunday when I picked up a BlackBerry Tour from my local Verizon Wireless store.

This phone is so zippy compared to my Motorola Q9c.  I loved my Q but it was definitely showing its age.  It was slow but it did get the job done. 

The BlackBerry world is a whole new experience.  I'm having to learn an entirely new operating system.  Unfortunately, I miss some of the ease of Windows Mobile.  I was very surprised to find that it was significantly fewer steps in Windows Mobile compared to BlackBerry OS to do some of the simplest things.  I hear this will be improved with OS 5.0.  I sure hope so.

There are some quirks I have found: customizing the ringtones and alerts can be a futile endeavor.  For some reason it is totally hit or miss whether I get the system default or my custom setting.  Luckily, there are several great online resources for BlackBerry phones:  CrackBerry, BlackBerry Forums and coming soon: MyBlackBerry.

The downside of being an early adopter is being the guinea pig for a product that might not be totally ready for prime time.  There are few accessories currently available for my Tour.  I desperately want a dock and it won't be available for another few weeks yet.  I'm looking forward to getting a nice custom theme but the software to make them hasn't yet been updated for the Tour.  So I end up checking the forums daily (alright, hourly) waiting for new information.  I'm sure all of this will be resolved in a few weeks but in the mean time I'm going to have to muddle through. 


I finally forced myself to update the PokerSlut Tour Leaderboard for the past two weeks. 

I'm surprised nobody was giving me grief about not having it done. 


It never fails.  Whenever TOH goes out of town all hell breaks loose at my house.  Kids get sick.  Crap falls apart.  Such a huge PITA. 

This time my BFF T came into town so I was hoping I'd escape the usual out-of-town curse but, alas, no.

  • The reverse osmosis drinking water system started leaking.
  • The propane tank went dry a few minutes shy of well done burgers.
  • One of the kids' faucets sprung a drip.
  • The oldest breaks his bike's rear brake trying to fix it himself.
  • I cleaned the air filter on the HVAC only to not be able to get the damn door back on - apparently an issue with Trane's CleanEffects Air Cleaner System that we paid megabucks for to alleviate the oldest's allergy symptoms.  After calling the HVAC guy (whom I am on a first name basis with for years now) I managed to get the door back on myself only mere moments before a near meltdown.



WalMart already has school supplies! 

Only 33, count them, 33 more days until school starts again! 

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