Friday, September 04, 2009

Bink vs Dink

Unless you're a poker player, and maybe even if you are, you are asking yourself, "Self, WTF is a Bink?  Dink?"

I was introduced to the term Bink by ComptonMasta, an Full Tilt Forum regular, awhile ago.  A Bink is that lovely, sweet smelling, delicious, sexy in an almost lurid way, little nothing of a card that hits your hand so hard your opponent will be blindsided into handing you his chips. 

A Bink is a work of art. 

Now let me introduce to you the Dink.  The Dink is that card that looks so pretty, so shiny, that you feel compelled to pay off a better hand just because you hit with the Dink.  A Dink is the hot girl that sleeps with you on the first date and gives you 18 different venereal diseases.

Here's a hand from the last home cash game I played in.  I'm Player 5.  Thankfully my second nut flush draw didn't hit.  Click through for the hand replayer.

Player3 is an aggressive player that likes to play a lot of hands.  He likes to play big pots anytime he thinks he has a big hand.  I have to wonder if this play didn't result from him being already a couple of buyins short for the game.  I guess I can't blame him for doing it knowing he might get called down light (ala Player6) because of his image.  I would have never played his hand the way he did but I'm sure I would have lost some money on that hand.

Now that you know what they are, would somebody please tell me how to tell the difference WHILE I'M IN THE HAND?

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