Friday, September 18, 2009


Say it with me: Pokaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

That's right ladies and gentlemen, this weekend is going to be a mini pokerpalooza!  Several of my fake internet friends are coming to my house this weekend for da pokers!

My BFF, T, and her girls are invading some time tonight!  Predator and his driving companion, Road Head, should arrive near noon tomorrow.  (Not) Zerb is headed north - hopefully he'll arrive in time to watch Predator work his magic at the PLO8 tables.  DTM, Asian & Billy Vanilly are expected to spew like the ATMs they are once they get here.

I'm giddy.

But, before all of that goodness descends upon my house I have a few chores to do.  TOH is leaving me his vehicle to have serviced.  Yippee!  I get to spend 2+ hours at the Honda dealership.  Thankfully they have free internets and I have a brand spanking new Acer netbook to configure.  Good times for all.

I also need to get my Sexy Beast looked at - I think it needs transmission fluid.  If it doesn't (even if it does) I suspect there's something wrong that might turn out to be less than trivial.

Then there's the laundry that's been piling up all week that I need to try to sneak into the agenda today.  Oh, and the house that needs to be cleaned so I don't look like white trash to all my fake internet friends.


  • Pick up inhaler for Zooks97
  • Bank deposit for the Swim Team
  • Food for the descending hordes
  • Change the RO filters
  • and the list goes on and on and on and on....


MacAnthony said...

What? I wasn't invited???

Arthur said...

Post more about your netbook when you've played with it for a while. I'm kind of curious about XP as the operating system and only 1 gig of RAM. I had always heard 2 gigs were the min recommendation for XP.

Nice to have a new toy.

gadzooks64 said...

I just got done ordering a 2gb ram stick for it.

I think it's the only Acer netbook that qualifies for the free W7 upgrade. I can't wait to get that on here.

XP is fine and it actually seems perky enough but I prefer all my machines to have the same OS.

I'm updated all the other systems to W7 as soon as my pre-order gets here.

The resolution on this one is very nice. HD quality on a 11.6" screen.

gordo said...

Sounds like fun. Sorry we can't make it.

DraNDead said...

so wherez da pixs?

gadzooks64 said...

No pictures this time. After looking at some of the previous event's picture we decided to forgo the (damning evidence) pictures and just let loose and enjoy ourselves. :)