Friday, September 25, 2009

So I Was Bowling...

It's been a while since I've done a bowling post.  Lucky you!

This summer I came to the realization that I HATE bowling during the summer.  For whatever reason these bowling alleys can't keep it under 99% humidity and a brazillian degrees in the house.  I've determined that I can't stand bowling when I'm hot and sweaty.  Yeah, I said it.  No more summer bowling for me.

I had agreed to bowl this fall season with the team I subbed for most of the spring last year.  This is a fun league and the people I bowl with are awesome people - fun and good bowlers.  I had to miss the first night of bowling because it conflicted with my pimply faced tween's back to school night at the middle school.  Since it was his first year at middle school I felt compelled to attend.  My substitute threw a mere 900+ series for the night. 

I might have finished the season last spring with close to, if not over, a 200 average but since I wasn't a regular bowler in that league it didn't count as a league average for me.  I was hoping I would be able to keep up the pace this season.  Not.  Going into last night I was carrying a 185 average.  Doh.

I've had problems with my thumb and wrist - what bowler hasn't?  Several years ago I started wearing a wrist only brace that had been working well for me but I did notice that it sometimes aggravated any swelling I might be having in my thumb.  During the winter season, when my joints are usually not swollen because of the cold weather, it's not much of an issue but during the summer and early fall it can be bothersome.

The first or second night of this league I had the ball stick on my thumb several times during the practice session.  Of course this only made the swelling even worse.  After applying some chap stick I was able to get the ball off my thumb but it was still uncomfortable and definitely affected my play.   I've decided to give up the brace for a while and see how I do.

Last night we were up against the first place team.  Their averages were somewhere around 220, 199 and 230.  This was going to be a very tough match.  I was paired with the only woman on their team; she was the 199 bowler.  We might have won two points the first game (out of 8) but they crushed us the second game. 

We started off the 3rd game running very hot.  It was just in time, too.  Each of us rolled the front 6!  We were on fiyah!  Then I had to stop the run with a spare.  Go me.  I struck out in the 10th to tie with Minnie, our lead off bowler.  We bowled a fabulous game only to split the points with the other team because two of their bowlers out scored two of ours.

Yeah, that's right, we won overall and I got my 2 point after bowling a 747 team score for a split.  Sigh. 



I shot 192, 219, 244, 210 for an 866 series.  I'm delighted!  Now if only I can keep it up.

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