Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CrackBerry Update

Or not, as the case may be.

Those of you that own a CrackBerry know what I'm talking about.

The updates to the operating system seem to come fast and furious.  No problem for those that never bother to install the Desktop Manager software and couldn't care less about keeping their phone up to date AKA The Other Half.  He's had a CrackBerry for a year or so and never updated the damn thing.  Never.  Ever.  Now something doesn't work.  Go figure.

In the mean time I have been fighting the urge to update my OS - even going so far as downloading the leaked and hybrid versions but never quite having the courage to actually install one.  Then there was an 'Official' release!  I was all over than like stink on poop.  (He he he, not what you were expecting from my potty mouth was it?)  I tried four times to load that OS onto my phone but it failed each time.  Oh friggin joy.  I was lucky enough to get the old stuff back on to it but lost all of my 3rd party applications including all of the themes I had made myself.  Well, they weren't GONE gone, just needed to be reloaded. 

Never mind that I was trying to do this the weekend that all my degenerate friends were coming over to my house and just before we were supposed to leave to take the kids bowling.  No pressure.  No worries.  My phone is ONLY MY LIFE DAMNIT I NEED MY PHONE AND MY APPS RIGHT FRIGGIN NOW!

Deep breaths.  In and out.

All was well with the world by the time we go done with bowling I had reconfigured everything back to normal.  That update was pulled for whatever reason - I'm sure it had to do with buttloads of people not being able to get it to run.  But that's just my guess.

Recently an update was released for another carrier but rumor had it that it would work just fine on my phone but I wasn't the least bit interested in trying that again.  Silly me.  Well today that update was finally officially released for my phone. 

I download, install and try to install on my phone but uh, wtf, denied.  I search around a bit and find a couple of things to try but I still get the same error I got when I tried to install the last update.  I eventually end up at the BlackBerry web site where I tell it I want to update my software and it fires up the Loader.  Then, oddly, it tells me that my Loader needs to be updated.  Ooookay.  Please, let's update the Loader.  After the Loader is updated the installation is started again.  This time I get an error related to the same error as before but this time it says please disconnect and reconnect the phone to continue the installation.  Well, that's certainly an improvement over just crashing and burning.

Oddly, I had just connected my phone this morning and decided while I was at it I would do a complete backup of the data and the 3rd party applications.  As I type this I have just restored the applications and am waiting on pins and needles for the phone to reboot so I can see if I will finally have everything back to normal.  I never fails that something gets effed up when I do things like this. 

Recently I set up an email account at the Verizon BlackBerry site.  A harmless act.  Never intended to FUCK STUFF UP.  But, alas, I found out shortly afterwards that my Google Calendar was no longer syncing to my phone correctly.  Turns out BlackBerry phones set up a calendar for EVERY EMAIL ACCOUNT YOU SET UP ON THE PHONE.  Yeah, cause everybody I know keeps separate calendars for each email address they use.  Every appointment I created after setting up that email account existed only on my phone and never made it to my Google Calendar.  I did finally figure out what was going on but not after I had several appointments that weren't showing up when they were supposed to.  I'll be curious to see if this OS update creates some 'issues' like this. 

After all of this, I see why some people just don't bother.  If you have it working perfectly well for your purposes why fuck with it? 

Cause fucking with it is so oooo oooo o much fun.  ;)

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