Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Crossword Puzzle

I'm a subscriber of the New York Times Crossword Puzzles.  I'm thrilled when I can get the whole thing filled.  I'm up to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays (sometimes).  I've given up on the rest.  That whole damn theme thing is waaaaaaaaay beyond my skillz (or lack there of).

When this came up in my reader you KNOW it was going to be something I was going to get a kick out of.


lightning36 said...

Rockford Charitable Games is coming to East Peoria this Saturday. I think I am going to go.

Rakewell said...

Ah, crossword puzzles. Yet another reason to like you, Zooks! I have been doing them for years. The New York Times Sundays are the best, of course. Used to be that I could never get through them. I remember the day that I first completed one. But even when I could at first (without cheating and looking things up in reference materials), it took like 5 hours. But the time has gotten shorter with experience. Just last week I finished up a book of 200 NYT Sunday puzzles. Took me nearly 3 years to work through it, but it has dramatically increased my ability. My average time is now less than 90 minutes to finish one. So now I have bought a book of the NYT Saturday puzzles, which are smaller but harder. I'm facing the same learning curve again--can't get through all of them. But by the time I finish the book, maybe they will seem as easy as the Sundays do now.

Have you seen the movie "Word Play"? If not, you must. It's about Will Shortz and the annual world championship of crossword puzzle solving. The best in the world are amazing--they knock off a Sunday-like puzzle in 15-20 minutes without an error. I have a long way to go to be in that league.

It's also another thing I like about my pal Cardgrrl. She doesn't have nearly as much experience doing puzzles as I do, but her vocabulary and native language skills are such that she is already nearly as good at them as I am. She could be scary good with some practice.

gadzooks64 said...

I find myself having to Google a clue or two in order to get most of the puzzles but I don't consider that 'cheating'.

I did finish a Thursday puzzle with only one letter than I had to have revealed to me. I was so proud of myself!

I love my online subscription to the NY Times crossword puzzle. Be doing that for years now but I do remember when it was, gasp, free!