Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Poker and Chores

I've been so lazy busy lately that I have neglected this place.

On the bright side I had the best month playing poker last month.  I scored a nice profit AND qualified for Bronze in the Iron Man Challenge!  Wooooooot!  I haven't played yet this month.  Sigh.

I managed to tackle a couple of nagging household chores yesterday.  Today I want to knock a few more off the list in addition to the normal stuff.

Last night Zooks99 meekly told me that he pulled the drawer front off of one of the new dresser drawers.  Hmmm.  Turns out I left out a couple key parts when I built it.  D'oh.  IKEA was kind enough to send me replacement parts.  Another item to add to my to do list.

I might actually get around to updating the PokerSlut Tour leaderboard this morning.  Some things just fall by the wayside when you start tackling those pesky chores.  I might even try to squeeze in some poker later today. 

In the mean time I'm off to change light switches and clean out linen closets.  Isn't that what all poker players do in their off time?


Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on a nice month (if I'm reading the graph correctly).

Isn't that what all poker players do in their off time?

Some them also bowl. How is that going?

Shane said...

I love the cartooon! Very cute :)