Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mac Chat

Time for another lazy blogger post.

Thing is: I installed Windows 7 not long ago and now I have to dig through multiple files for ammunition for this post.  We all know how lazy I am.  This doesn't bode well for this post.

Mac: wife made me a sandwich with fresh homemade bread (well, homemade in a bread machine)
Mac: but it's cut kinda wonkie so one side of it is like 2" thick
Mac: I don't care for bread quite that much, but I don't think i can tell her that the bread was too thick either
Mac: esp after yesterday
Me : hahah
Me : yeah I wouldn't go there
Mac: my sandwich is so absurd
Mac: sent you a pic

Me : lol
Me : ok
Me : it's charming, and hand made by your wife so STFU LOL
Mac: oh, I know
Mac: it was really nice and it's all fresh and everything
Mac: which is why I can't joke about it with her
Me : right
Me : and I'm starving
Me : if only I didn't smell bad I could do a Taco Bell run
Mac: cause then I seem like an unappreciative dick instead of just trying to have fun
Mac: http:www.amazon.com/Norpro-Bread-Slicer-Crumb-Catcher/dp/B00004UE6T

Me : don't even think about it
Mac: oh, come on
Me : she'll hurt you
Mac: at least I get credit for being thoughtful then no?
Me : you get credit for saying she can't slice bread for shit
Mac: that's just BS
Mac: that's like saying I can't give her perfume cause it's telling her i think she smells
Me : lol
Mac: that with the cookbook they list on that page too
Me : lol
Mac: the bread making cookbook
Mac: fuck off, this is a good idea
Me : step away from amazon
Mac: stop harshing my gift giving buzz
Me : well then buy me something
Me : I could use some ram
Mac: http://www.amazon.com/Trinity-Erotic-Borosilicate-The-Ram/dp/B002DVAZ9A/ref=sr_1_12?ie=UTF8&s=hpc&qid=1256839074&sr=1-12

Me : I like the way you think
Mac: you said ram
Me : yes I did

Mac: shit is just irritating me today
Me : me too
Me : cranky and crabby
Me : and all I want to do it crawl back in bed
Me : my nose has been itching like crazy
Me : and it won't fucking stop raining
Me : http://roflrazzi.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/celebrity-pictures-butler-santoro-greeks-sex.jpg

Me : hahahahahah
Mac: fired?
Me : you could stay home all day and play poker
Me : sfw
Mac: :)
Mac: I told you about goozex, right?
Me : uh, no
Me : you been holding out on me?

Mac: http://pictureisunrelated.com/
Me : and you weren't worried about getting fired for looking at that?
Me : yet you worry every time I send you a link?
Me : bizarre
Mac: your link actually had "sex" in the url
Me : pussy

Mac: http://twitter.com/big_ben_clock/
Me : hahahhahahahah
Me : ok that's cute
Me : but what time zone is he in?
Me : not ours
Mac: 0
Me : ah london
Mac: duh
Me : yeah
Mac: GMT
Mac: didn't know you are blonde
Me : yeah, I color
Me : makes me look smarter

Me : ooh I have 7 points so far this month
Mac: haha
Mac: 1431.35 POINTS
Me : blow me
Me : ;P

Mac: oh, ugh
Mac: #6 on there is horrible
Mac: well, didn't listen to part 2
Mac: listened to half of part 1
Mac: it was awful
Mac: it basically shoulda been titled "Why I don't get laid"
Me : lol
Mac: oh sweet
Me : pretty sure I didn't get that one

Mac: you care what I think or you just want me to say NH?
Me : hahahah
Me : not right now
Me : we'll discuss later
Me : look at this one
Me : http://weaktight.com/1659562
Mac: I'm ok with either, just didn't know what you were looking for
Mac: so I'll just say NH
Me : nah, we can discuss it later
Me : if you want
Me : but I'm on 7 tables now
Mac: it's your hand
Me : I don't feel the need to comment on the hands you post that I read
Me : sometimes it's just fun to see what happens to other people
Mac: well, that's different cause I play awesome :D
Me : uh huh
Me : welcome to my retarded world

Mac: BTW
Mac: you shouldn't start your tweets with @somebody since it treats them as a reply then
Mac: kinda annoying
Me : yeah sorry
Mac: not annoying for me
Mac: but only people who follow both of us will see it
Me : that works for me
Me : lol
Me : or were you trolling for followers?
Me : pimp your own bad self
Mac: If I was doing that, I would make posts that randomly have the word "sex" in them and just not report all the new found adult website spammers
Me : uh huh
Me : too easy
Me : you should have to do it the hard way
Me : and sleep with each and every one personally
Me : that's what we need to do
Me : start a site called Twatter
Me : you can't add somebody unless you've slept with thenm
Mac: I'ld have a pretty short follow list
Mac: but might be a good excuse
Mac: "no, honey, I was only nailing them so I could follow their twats"
Me : bingo
Mac: you think that would work?
Me : you can always try
Mac: ok, seesmic is really kinda nice
Mac: esp the beta since it supports lists
Me : I think he is
Me : ooops
Me : is that a twatter client?
Mac: yeah

Me : things going any better with the wife?
Mac: going better?
Me : smoothed over with the twitter thing?
Mac: she was just being a PITA
Me : ahhh
Me : wives are good for that
Mac: that's why I like being a douche
Mac: people are more likely to be a PITA when they are in a good mood
Mac: if I'm a douche, I can prevent them from being in a good mood
Mac: which prevents them from being a PITA
Me : well that some rationale you got there
Mac: I'm on a whole new level than most people
Me : clearly

Me : yeah I think you told me about that once before
Mac: cause that's what I do
Mac: spread little bits of awesome all over the place
Me : you keep telling yourself that
Mac: we both know it's true
Mac: you surely didn't befriend me for my good looks and charm
Me : shh I'm busy shoping
Me : or watching pron
Me : you decide which
Mac: I will take pron for $200, Alex
Me : lol

Mac: did you watch that durrr video yet?
Mac: I have to say, he really looks like a tool when he wears a baseball cap
Me : hahahah
Me : that was not a good look for him
Me : but he's got charisma oosing out of him compared to Antonius
Me : I swear IDK how Antonius gets women cause he can't even mumble a coherent sentence
Mac: I'm sure he sounds much better in dutch or whatever the fuck it is they speak from where he's from
Me : you gotta hope so
Me : cause he sounds retarded in english
Me : I'd totally hit Durr over him any day of the week
Mac: what if he was small in the pants?
Me : well he better be talented then
Mac: like he can juggle?
Me : more like, are you good with your tongue?

Me : how did the weekend treat you?
Mac: well, I didn't get arrested or anything
Me : well that's a win
Mac: but I didn't win the PST tourney though either
Me : bummer
Me : cash?
Mac: um
Me : oops
Mac: I didn't play any poker yesterday
Me : me either
Mac: just watched football
Me : including sluts
Me : I ran tptk into kk twice and on my last hand into AA
Me : fml
Mac: on ring games?
Me : no just the ps tour
Me : I don't go broke with tptk in ring games
Mac: I thought you were saying to didn't play any yesterday
Me : yeah I was being sarcastic
Me : guess that didn't make it through
Mac: notsomuch
Mac: plus it's a bit ambitious to expect it to work on a monday morning
Me : yeah, I think that's the crux of the problem right there

Mac: why online poker videos are awesome?
Me : ok, why?
Mac: I just heard "PantySniffer is pretty solid"
Me : lol
Me : hahahahhahaha
Me : as he should be
Me : or she

Me : that was bizarre
Mac: totally
Me : first I got no dial tone
Me : then that annoy please hand up and try your call again but I it wouldnt' hang up
Mac: and then some dude in a scream mask jumped through your back patio door?
Me : glwt
Me : I have a killer poodle dontcha know
Mac: don't really care for poodles
Mac: you need like 3 of them to make a good meal
Me : lol

Me : you got skype handy?
Mac: yep
Me : well get on it
Mac: I am
Me : one ringy dingy
Me : two ringy dingy


am said...

So, will we be seeing a customer review from you on Amazon for The Ram any time soon?

MacAnthony said...

Apparently there was gonna be a video review, but unfortunately the camera broke when doing a 1st person shot from the Ram perspective. A missed opportunity indeed.

Shane said...

Funny post! How long did it take you to write it?

gadzooks64 said...

Shane, that's the beauty of Mac Chat posts - they are already written, I just need to glean the gems for a post. It doesn't take long at all.