Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Balance Ball Chair

I just want to know why I didn't think of this.

I have several balance balls around this place.  My kids were always stealing mine - and fighting over it - so I bought them each their own.  You haven't lived until you have heard those things slapping against the walls in the basement.

After realizing that my posture sucks and my butt hurts from sitting in the office chairs all day I even tried using one of the balance balls as my computer chair but it just wasn't convenient.

When I found this at the new Deals.Woot site I immediately broke out in a bad case of WANT!  Yes, I ordered one.  Can't wait to see how comfortable it is.  I have a lot of hope  - and a ginormous butt.  This better not let me (or my butt) down.


Rakewell said...

Cardgrrl has one of these at her desktop computer. When I'm on video chat with her and she's there (i.e., not on her laptop in the easy chair), she's all bouncy, which is very adorable. I find it pretty comfortable, too, though I haven't tried it for extended sessions.

gadzooks64 said...

Well, if it's good enough for Cardgrrl, that's all the endorsement I need!

Cardgrrl said...

I think you'll like it!

Cardgrrl said...

Oh, and you don't need the metal bracket thingy at all. I never used it, and recently threw it out without realizing what it was (now I see it in the picture!).

gadzooks64 said...

Thanks for that information! I would think gravity alone would keep the ball in place.

I'll have to review it once I have had a chance to sit on it for a while.