Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Indypalooza, Day 2

It's a good thing Paloozas only happen about once a year.  It takes me that long to recuperate.  Getting old sucks.

The cards were back in the air on Saturday.  Pred's baller online friends, Joos and Don, played Badugi with us.  ELM is an excellent mixed games player who had never played Badugi before.  After she decided to play we were run over by the ELM "beginner's luck" Express.  She hoovered up our chips.  At one point (not) Zerb told her, "Generally, you don't get Badugi EVERY DAMN HAND".  Zerb: master of the sfobv.

After a while Joos and Don talked some of us into Baducie -  a combination of Badugi and Deuce-7 Lowball.  Instead of an Ace low Badugi, Aces were now high cards (they are for 2-7).  You are dealt 5 cards and the best Badugi hand and the best Deuce To Seven split the pot with the idea that you try to scoop, of course.  I have to be the worst 2-7 player ever.  I admit it, I have no clue how to play that game.  At one point I had a made T high 2-7 and a solid Badugi but dropped the T trying to improve.  Re.tard.ed.  Yeah, I said it.  At the time I thought it was the thing to do even though Pred told me in no uncertain terms it was retarded but I did it anyway. 

The plan was to head to Predator's for a tournament during the Colts playoff game.  Seems simple enough doesn't it?  That is until somebody (me, retarded me) suggested that maybe we should play a mixed game instead of just straight NLHE.  I had pulled down Full Tilt's 7 game mix structure that we could adapt to our needs just in case.  But once we got there, it became painfully obvious that we weren't going to get any consensus on what to play so NLHE it was.  By the time we started I was ready to strangle some people - and they me I'm sure.

It was my great fortune to sit behind Joos and Don.  Had they been on separate tables I'm sure they would have either run over the event or busted out early in some spewy fashion.  They were constantly raising and playing pots - mostly with each other - or calling raises in position.  These guys knew what they were doing even if NLHE wasn't their forte' or favorite game by a long shot. 

I was picking up some good hands early on and found myself raising a lot right off the bat.  The first hand of note was QQ.  I had a caller behind me, Asian.  Asian and I have a lot of history so I knew he was eager to take my chips.  Unfortunately for him the flop came Q55.  I checked and he bet, I called.  Turn inconsequential.  Again check, bet, call.  River - well, honestly, who cares?  No way he could have caught up to me.  I led out cause I was sure he was going to fold and he did.  Nice pot to me. 

Did I mention we were absurdly deep?  That the blinds were ridiculously slow? That we could do one rebuy and/or addon for another full starting stack?  There was no reason to get all spewy but that didn't stop anybody.  We had raise, call, shove a couple of times on our table in the first couple of levels.  I took a good chunk of chips from Greg but then gave a lot of them to Joos.  I made a hero call against Greg to get his first stack and I think I got his second stack, too, but I don't remember how. 

By the time the rebuy was over I had a HUGE chip lead and was debating whether I should do the addon when Joos offered to pay it for me in exchange for a percentage.  I eventually decided to just go ahead and take the addon myself since deep stack play is more suited to my nitty style of play. 

For as deep as we were it didn't take much time for us to get to the final table.  My chip lead had dwindled somewhat but I was still a big stack.  T ended up on my right and we enjoyed chatting and playing with each other but never really got in any hands with each other just because the cards fell that way.

At this point some cash games were starting up at the empty table when we discovered that one of the decks for that table was missing cards.  Holy shit!  Seriously?  Sigh.  I usually make up all the decks when I host my home game but between all the structure and game drama we had going on before this event I didn't bother to do it.  I just threw the card case on the table.  I don't know who opened it but somehow 7 cards were stuck INSIDE THE LID of the plastic box - including TWO ACES.  OMGWTF!?!?!  At least we were playing with two decks so only half of the hands were affected - small consolation.  The worst part?  I WAS PLAYING AT THAT TABLE!  Ok, that wasn't the worst part.  I hate it when stupid stuff like that happens when I'm in charge.  I really felt bad.  Since most of the chips in play came from that table it really didn't seem to make much difference but the fact remains that those players were handicapped by that deck.

I don't remember too much detail about the final except:
  • (Not) Zerb became short stacked on a bad beat.  He was all in three times after that and sucked out on RoadHead each time making RoadHead the new short stack.
  • Dan The Man lost a huge pot to me when I had KK and he didn't believe me only to ship the rest of his now short stack in the very next hand and run into T's KK to get knocked out.
  • RoadHead shipped his short stack into my AA in the BB.  He was the bubble bitch.
  • T and I took out everybody at the final table and then chopped FTW!

Winnah! Winnah!

Cash on our Titties!

The tournament was over about midnight but we weren't done with poker, oh no, not us ballas.  We played Chinese and Badugi.  I played Chinese and won a measly few bucks but it was still fun.  Poor Brit could not win a hand of Chinese to save his life.  It was the first time he played but that wasn't his problem.  He definitely has the mechanics down but the cards were spitting in his face.  Kudos to him, he took it like a man.

We left Pred's about 3am.  Did I mention I'm too old for this?  The drive home was hampered by pea soup fog and my mad driving skills.  I'm not sure how we lived to make it to day three.


Anonymous said...

Nice pix, you should hire that photographer to do all your photo work. And to count the deck for you, too.

Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear you had fun!

Erwin Blonk said...

I could have cash on mine. It's the cash that lacks :->