Friday, February 05, 2010

Rush Poker

Yeah, I know, you've heard all about it. 

You have probably even played some of it.  I don't blame you, it's very addictive.

It didn't take long for it to evolve from 'regular' poker. 

'Regular' full ring poker is divided between the multi-tabling nits, the occasional lagtard with a dash of just plain old donk.  Anybody who has been playing poker long enough has a HUD and database tracking all of these players.

Rush poker throws all of that out the window. 

A new table of players for EACH AND EVERY HAND.  Fold this hand and the next hand is only seconds away.  Your HUD is worthless. 

The feature that draws the multi-tabling nits to Rush poker is also the part that makes it so tempting the action junkies: MORE HANDS, FAST!

This first adjustment I noticed was a huge increase in 3betting.  It didn't take long for people to decide that it was worth sticking around in late position to try to steal the blinds.  With a higher than normal likelihood that players have already folded, it is worth stealing the blinds.  A natural response to this is the blinds re-stealing.  There is no option to pre-fold from the BB so you have to stick around anyway.  If you can re-steal why not go for it?  That kicks it up a notch, doesn't it?

After seeing a higher than normal 3-bet coming from the blinds I decided that I would much rather 'steal' from middle position than late position and do it with a lot bigger range of hands.  Most of the players at the Rush tables are set mining or waiting for premium hands and many are auto-3 betting AK.  It is so easy to throw away my J9soooooooooted to a 3 bet from a player behind me but you can bet that I'm going to open with it if it is folded to me past the first few seats.

At this point I'm opening just about any pair from any position, AK, AQ, AJ and even AT especially if it is suited.  I am also opening a lot of suited connectors and gapped connectors from earlier position than you would normally do this at a normal full ring table.  Late position raises get little respect from the blinds but middle position get more respect.  The middle position is the new hijack.  Is it getting fun yet?

When Rush Poker first appeared I read a comment to the effect that players are opening wider than you think and 3-betting tighter.  I try to keep that in mind when I'm considering calling a 3-bet.  Mostly it's just easier to throw away a hand and wait for a better spot that try to play the out of position (I treat 3-bets from the blinds differently than from players who have position on me).

To quote my long lost buddy Snarf, "it's never been so easy to ditch AQ to a 3-bet."  He was referring to Rush poker tables.  But you can bet he's 3-betting the snot outta AQ from the blinds to a late position raise.  I know I am:

Rush Poker will keep evolving over time. I have no doubt that new tricks will appear in the coming weeks.  Will it continue to attract and hold players?  I sure hope so.


nzgreen said...

Best turn card eva!

OhCaptain said...

It's not often I see someone I know win with the hand of the devil. Well done!

I've been playing quite a bit of rush. I find if I play my aces and kings like AKo, I get lots of action. 3 betting with AA gets 4 bet so often, it's acary. Of course, they usually complete that 4 card flush just to piss me off.

Yorkshire Pud said...

Would you say the bankroll requirements for Rush remain the same as for standard full ring games or do you think you should have a larger roll?

Just curious as I've only played 500 or so rush hands and can't figure it out for myself!

gadzooks64 said...

Interesting questing there Yorkshire Pud. I don't know too many people that practice conservative bankroll management or any bankroll management at all.

One would think that variance would smooth out when you are seeing so many hands but it seems to me you find yourself in many more cooler type situations than you would normally.

I will continue to be very conservative with my bankroll but I don't blame anybody else for riding the Rush wave for all it is worth.