Thursday, June 24, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

I miss Vegas.

How sad is that?

I wanted to spend a week there but had to settle for a few days.  I doesn't matter how many days I plan to stay there just never seems to be enough time to do the things I want to do when I am in Vegas.

Unfortunately T busted out of her WSOP event just as I was landing.  She and Snuffy picked me up at the airport.  We checked in, bought our 24 hour buffet passes at Harrah's buffet, then headed to what Snuffy promised us would be some very soft 1/2 games at Excalibur. 

Snuffy didn't lie.

All three of us managed to make some nice change there that night.  So much so that whenever we had a free moment to play that's where we headed. We did manage to play some at MGM, IP and the Venetian but we were the most profitable at Excalibur.  For whatever reason we decided to play a Strip n Go shove-a-ment at Excaliber with Predator and his friend, David.  Truly negative EV but I figure I paid $50 for my snazzy new tank top ;)

T, Snuffy, Predator and I signed up for the daily $200 DS at the Rio.  If only my QQ had been able to outrun KT and AQ I would have been poised to go deep.  As it was, I was the 3rd of us to go out but Predator managed to hang in for 6th place and $4000!  He also played WSOP Event #41 finishing 45th for $5300!  I will be keeping an eye on him this Monday when he plays the $5000 PLO8 event.  My money is on him cashing in that one, too.

Friday night, while I was sitting at a 1/2 table at MGM,  I got a frantic call from my oldest.  Our dog was attacked by two dogs; what should they do?  OMGWTF!?!?!?  WHY ARE YOU CALLING ME!??!?!?  I told him to hang up and call the vet's office to find out what to do.  D'oh.  Nothing like being miles away from home when all hell breaks loose.

The Other Half and the boys ended up spending 3 hours at the emergency veterinary hospital.  Our 6.5 pound poodle had several puncture wounds on his leg and needed 30+ stitches around his abdomen to fix the gash left by the mauling.  I was distraught.  So were my sons.  They kept calling me from the waiting room while TOH was in the room with the doctors.

I was scheduled to fly home on Monday morning so they were just going to have to muddle through on their own.  I did get regular updates with pictures and videos.  By Sunday the dog was gimping around the house a bit.  When I got home on Monday he was subdued but ambulatory.  As I write this I would say he's back to his old self again but far from healed.  His stitches won't come out for another 8 days.  He's back to running amok in the yard and chasing anything that walks by our house.  The gaping puncture wounds don't seem to be slowing him down at all.

With the help of a neighbor boy who saw the attack we were able to identify and locate the owner of the other dogs.  I had made copies of the bills and wrote a letter to give them in person but as I got out of my car their dogs run up to 'greet' me.  After what they did to my dog I wasn't going to risk trying to get to the front door so I just opted to leave the letter in the mailbox.  The following afternoon they stopped by to give me a check for the full amount and apologized for what happened.

I guess all's well that ends well but I bet it will be a long time before I get to take another trip by myself.  T has teased me with the offer of a trip to Vegas in October.  I think this isn't the best time to float that idea at my house.  Maybe in a few weeks or so... <crosses fingers>


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice meeting you in Vegas and glad to hear you had a good time. Hope your dog is going to be okay.

gadzooks64 said...

Nice to meet you too, Mojo! Hope you had fun and made some money while you were out there, too.

BWoP said...

Soooo sorry I didn't get a chance to hang with you :-(

gadzooks64 said...

There's always next time! That's what I say to myself after every trip when I go through the list of things I didn't get around to doing.

gordo said...

I always knew you lived in a ruff neighborhood

Blazman said...

whose titties are those?

gadzooks64 said...

OMGWTF!?!?!? There's titties? Where?

T said...

I miss Vegas too.. but for different reasons :)
Let's go back in October!!!!!