Monday, June 07, 2010

Plan B

Plan B

That's what my life has been about lately.

Plan A has turned into Epic Fail.

As usual life has been chaotic around here: the last couple weeks of school are always nuts, combine that with planning summer activities including a trip to visit my dad during which I was going to sneak away for a week in Vegas with my degenerate poker friends and my swim team commitments have doubled.

I was about to start my first stint as a swim meet timer when I received an email from my father's wife telling me that their property was mostly under water and the forecast wasn't improving. She asked if there wasn't any way we could postpone our trip scheduled for this upcoming Thursday.


I use my fabulous new Droid Incredible on the way home (I was riding shotgun) to scope out alternatives. After getting home, I spent the next several hours coordinating ticket changes, refunds, cancellations and totally rescheduled the summer for me and the boys.

I still get my trip to Vegas but I lose one day in Sin City.

My friend T negotiated a $30 each discount on our hotel room! Wooohooo! We won't even talk about the $$$ lost on airfare. Nope. We won't even go there.

And we won't even go into the astronomic stress levels I've had. Nope. We won't. So if you see me stumbling around Vegas totally out of my mind just offer to by me another drink, or a pedicure or a few minutes of casinossage. I know I will appreciate it and you will have done your good deed for the day. Just don't upload any video of me to YouTube.

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Huck said...

No fair tricking me into reading your blog by making me think you were talking about the abortion pill.