Monday, June 14, 2010

True Blood, Vegas & Charity

I"m addicted to True Blood.

Sad, I know. 

I just finished watching the season premier and boy did it deliver.

Nekkid people everywhere.  Would I lie to you?

I truly did LOL'd when I heard the line, "Conscience off, dick on."

In preparation for my upcoming trip to Vegas I downloaded a bunch of podcasts and two books - one is the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series that True Blood is (loosely) based on.  While the series does diverge from the books they are both enjoyable.  Don't be too surprised if I don't make it through any of it because I opted to sleep on the plane instead.


Speaking of Vegas, I am looking forward to this trip but I have no clue whatsoever what I will be doing or playing but I do know that I will be hitting up every Harrah's buffet for the low price of $34.99 (with a Rewards card) for 24 hours of unlimited dining.  Sounds yummy doesn't it?

Our good man Lightning36 has arranged a blogger breakfast on Sunday morning.  I will definitely try to make this.  It is, after all, going to be at the Carnival Buffet at the Rio which is one of the Harrah's Buffets (see above). 

I have every hope of somehow running into any or all of the following people: @ckwbop, @caitycaity, @realdawnsummers@pokergrump, @cardgrrrl, @memphismojo, @BJNemeth, and any other bloggers than happen to be around this coming weekend.

My BFF, T, is going to be playing event #30 so I will probably being hanging around to rail her, scoping out the WSOP store, and just generally lurking about the Rio on Wednesday and Thursday. 


OhCaptain organized a wonderful event to benefit the Ronald McDonald house. Unfortunately I will be donking it up playing live poker in Vegas that night but I went ahead and registered to show my support.  Don't be stepping all over each other trying to steal my blinds now, ya hear!

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