Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fike's Cash Game

I've whined about how bad I run in Fike's game before. 

Yeah, I know, I whine a lot.

His game used to be once a week but this summer he's dropped it down to once a month.  I have sworn off this game so many times it isn't even funny but when I got his text saying the game was on tonight I just couldn't resist. 

I arrived about 30 minutes late and there was already a full contingent of players.  The game had gotten a little anemic lately which is what prompted him to drop down to once a month.  I took a seat a the end of the table to the left of my favorite bad player and two seats to Fike's left.

I supposed I should warn you that this game is fast and loose.  There is a 7-2 rule and often a straddle.  Lately, opening raises are more of the $1.20 (6x BB) to the $2.40 (12x BB) range depending on whether or not there is a straddle.  Yes, you heard me, the opening raise is often 6-12x the BB. 

I spewed off a decent portion of my chips last night when I picked up 2c3c.  We all know crubs always get there.  I limped in after the guy to my right.  A few more limpers to sweeten the pot then Fike raises it up to $1.20.  Well, I was pretty sure everybody was going to call and sure enough the guy on my left called and I called.  Not sure if anybody else did but I'm inclined to think it was just us three.

The flop came down A high with two clubs.  BP checks, I check and Fike bets $4.  BP folds and I'm sitting here thinking I only have another $5ish behind if I call the $4.00 (I was getting about 3:1 on my money) which I will be forced to stick in even if I miss on the turn - this is the rationale you have when you are a donk, just sayin.  I have to believe my draw is good here.  Yeah, only my draw but hey, it's only chips, right?

I ponder my situation knowing I have a rebuy if I miss and punt my Hail Mary.  I ship it and Fike insta-calls.  I don't turn over my cards and neither does Fike.  The turn rolls off a blank.  The river a (non-club, duh) three.  I look at Fike, he looks at me,  I declare, "I have a three," and flip up my 3c.  He fires his cards onto the table and asks that immortal question, "How can you do that????"  He went on to show his KcQc.  D'oh.  How was I to know my draw was no good? 

I have to say that is probably one of my most egregious suckouts and it FELT SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD!  I no longer feel pangs of regret or embarrassment when I get it in bad and suckout.  There is no way I could ever catch up to all the donkeys that have sucked out on me so I might as well just gratefully accept my allotment of suckouts and go on my merry way.

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