Sunday, July 11, 2010


No, really, I played some poker. 

Very, very little poker.

But, I've been happy with the results.

I mean, who would argue that 30 PT BB/100 for ~1600 hands isn't statistically significant? Besides every arm chair statistician? (Sarcasm is a lost art, isn't it?)

My plan is to play some more live poker after the boys get back in school.  They get out much later this year than previously so I have more time to play at the boat.  I'm getting more and more comfortable playing 1/2 live.  I was at ease at the tables in Vegas so I think I'm ready to tackle the local tables.  I'm hitting the FTP cash tables so I don't get too rusty between now and back to school time.

Unfortunately, I don't have near the bankroll I did.  I took a vast majority of my online bankroll off prior to June 1st.  I am now only rolled for 25nl but that's fine, as long as I stay away from the "crack cocaine of poker", yes, I'm talking about the Rush Poker tables. 

I'm debating about investing in the Table Ninja software. Clearly it wasn't be free forever since the PokerStars version wasn't free but I was still disappointed when I got the message that my 30 free trial had expired.  As little as I am playing right now I'm not inclined to spend the money for the software.  Maybe after I hit some profit milestones I will break down and pay for it.  It really is a must have if you are multi-tabling and I did love using it before it became a paid app. 

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