Saturday, August 07, 2010


Joseph, Oregon

Joseph is a small town at the foot of the Wallowa mountains.  Joseph hosts a few events every year but probably the most famous it Chief Joseph Days Rodeo.  My dad had suggested a visit to Joseph during last year's visit that just happened to coincide with the rodeo but we ended up not going.

This year the boys and I went to Enterprise with Red in order to pick up our new kayak and then on to Joseph just 6 miles away to see the sites and shop.  We parked at the edge of the downtown shopping area right in front of the sporting goods store.  After lunch at a nice outdoor cafe we wandered around to see the sites and do some shopping keeping an eye out for the storm that was brewing over the mountains. 

After the lumber mill closed down a bronze foundry took over as the only real local industry aside from tourism and farming.  At every corner of the downtown district you will find the most amazing bronze statues.

It didn't take the storm long to hit but what was most surprising about it was the HAIL!  Yes, I said HAIL! We hid away in a store until the storm passed by and we could continue our tour.  The temperature dropped at least 10 degrees and the street and highway were littered with hail for many hours afterward.

Our final stop was the Sporting Goods store where we picked up some cheap fishing rods, a tshirt and a nice hat.  Zooks99 and I fell in love with the olive caps at an earlier store while Zooks97 would not leave the sporting goods store without his straw hat - he later embellished it with a rattlesnake rattler donated by Grandpa!  I'll be rocking my new hat at my next poker game.  Count on it!

Joseph reminds me a lot of a smaller and less upscale version of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  All in all, a very pleasant place to spend an afternoon.  We missed out on Wallowa Lake and the Tram this trip.  I guess we will just have to save those for next year. 


am said...

Apparently, shirts hadn't made their way that far west when those statues were cast.

gadzooks64 said...

Ha ha! Shirts are overrated. Well, if you have rock hard abs they are.