Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Living the Wild Life

We settled into a routine at my Dad's:  hiking, fishing, shooting guns, and kayaking.  It doesn't take long to get used to living the wild life!  So much fun!

Well most of it was fun.  If only I could train my youngest to STFU and quit whining when it came time for our daily hike.  That boy was seriously getting on my nerves.  It wasn't until the last day there that he was finally half way pleasant to be around during the hike.  It was so bad the oldest resorted to plugging his ears with his iPod headphones so he could listen to podcasts and not have to listen to all the whining.  My dad scored these really cool walking sticks for the boys to personalize.  You would think that would make that (hardly) arduous walk a little easier but not so much.

The fishing was mostly uneventful.  At dinner one evening my dad asked who would be the one to catch the first fish and both '97 and I pointed at '99.  He has an uncanny ability to score the fish.  Sure enough he landed the first fish but it was too small to keep.  Unfortunately for the fish he'd pretty much deep throated a triple hook and wasn't going to survive the removal process but we had to throw him back anyway.  Zooks97 landed the first and only edible fish of the trip.  He even gutted and cleaned it himself.  I was so proud.

Last year Grandpa gifted the boys with their very own BB Guns!  Holy Shit!  My boys own guns!  My dad even has my now highly desirable to collectors "vintage" BB Gun with the olive green military style strap.  Don't even bother trying to talk me out of it.  Imagine my boys' surprised when I proved I could still shoot it.  The boys had a great time shooting at pretty much anything that didn't move.  The oldest decided he liked shooting at the river until he accidentally bounced a BB off the deck rail and into my shirt.  That was the end of the BB guns for this trip.

Grandpa scored us some inner tubes thinking that it would be fun to tube down the river.  I was totally up for that but the boys were somewhat apprehensive since neither of them had done it before.  Yes, I am a horrible mother.  We took off for our maiden voyage just up river from my Dad's place with the intention of getting out at the bridge about half a mile or less down river.  I had warned Zooks99 that he needed to steer to the right hand side of the river so we could get out in the shallow water and walk across the bridge to meet up with Red, my stepmother.  He didn't make it and had to get out on the deep side of the river and climb a steep bank out.  Did I mention this boy likes to whine?  HO MY GAWD!  You would have thought he was going to die a horrible lonely death.  Sigh.  I wasn't sure I was going to convince him to go again.

I had to agree to tether his inner tube to mine for the next trip.  This time we drove at least a mile up river and put in.  Yes, he bitched and moaned the whole way down.  It didn't help that we got caught in an eddy (now dubbed Zook99's Hole) twice and had to swim our way out.  

After a visit from George, my dad's neighbor, we were able to borrow some inflatable kayaks that George had laying around his place.  Score!  OMG, I never knew how much fun kayaking could be.  Since there were only three kayaks we tethered Zooks99 and his inner tube to one of the kayaks.  He wasn't terribly crazy about that idea but the next day we let him have one of the kayaks - tethered to mine at his insistance, of course.  Within minutes of getting into the kayak Zooks99 was in heaven.  He kept telling me the whole time, "Oh yeah, I really like this!"  and "Oh yeah, we can do this again tomorrow and you don't have to tie mine to yours." 

Thanks to Amazon Prime shipping I was able to order a smaller inflatable kayak delivered overnight so now we had enough for everybody!  We went kayaking every day after that going farther and farther away each time.  The plan is to buy our own fishing poles and kayaks before we return next year.  I guess we are getting used to living the wild life.

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