Thursday, August 19, 2010

Netbook Down!

I bought my netbook last fall.  It was a deal that was just too good to pass up.  Turns out there was a reason it was such a good deal - many people were having serious issues with it locking up.  Knock on wood, I didn't have any of those issues.  I invested in a bigger RAM chip, a better wireless card, a car charger, an upgrade to Windows 7 and an extended life battery.  You might say I have a little invested in this bad boy.

I haul it around the house, around town, even around this country.  I take it just about everywhere that I can't or won't take my ASUS laptop.

I had one minor mishap when it fell off the side table on the front porch.  It survived with nothing more than a small dent in the corner and a missing cover for the front lights.  Phew.

Today, after spending some porch time with the dog,  I got up, grabbed my phone and netbook, then walked into the house.  I lost control of the netbook in the office and, splat, it was on the floor open like a book with the keyboard facing the floor.  It seemed to float gently down when compared to the last fall it took.  I flipped it over and snapped the keyboard back into place before I noticed the screen. 

It wasn't pretty.

Shit.  Shit.  Shit!!!!!!

I love this little netbook with its pathetic processor, bouncy keyboard and small screen. 

I found a replacement LCD on eBay for $76.  My local computer shop quoted $85 to install it.  After watching this YouTube video it is tempting to give it a try myself but, yeah, nevermind.  I'm totally paying somebody else to do it.

Yep, definitely paying somebody else to do it.


am said...

Lol, the amount of money you have invested the last 5 years in technology, you could have paid off your house.

gadzooks64 said...


I don't know where you live but were I live that's a drop in the bucket!

And don't be hating on my tech! I'm just trying to support the Chinese economy :P