Monday, August 16, 2010


Dems Quads, Bitches!

For the second time during one of my home games I managed to come from VERY far behind to hit quads against a better hand.

The first time I had 77 v AA on an Ax7 flop.  We get it all in on the turn and I'm drawing to ONE out.  Yeah, I hit it.  Don't pretend you didn't know that.

I hosted my home game this past weekend - the first time in ages.  It was a small turnout, just ten of us, but we were having a great time catching up.

My game is a 1x rebuy before the end of the fourth level.  The blinds are very low to start to encourage play.  This hand started with about 28 limpers to a 458 flop.  I was delighted to have flopped bottom set with my 44.  I check called hoping that I wasn't already a mile behind a made hand.  Yeah, yeah, Monsters Under the Bed, etc.  The turn gave me that warm fuzzy feeling that you don't bother to hide when you play online.  This is when online players do the happy dance while trying to figure out it they are going to get paid off.  I check called again.  The river was another 5 making for a board of 45845.  I think we are about to find out where all the 5s and 8s are.  I go ahead and lead out only to hear those sweet, sweet words, "I raise."  Squeeeeeeeeeeee!  I waited to hear the amount of the raise ..........

"I'm all in." 

OMG it doesn't get any better than this. 

"I call.  I have quads."  Poor Jon had flopped top set with 88 only to have me hit my one outer.  He, of course, rebought.  He got me back later when he sucked out a better hand on me but I could hardly be bitter about it. 

Jon's bad beats weren't over.  When it got down to four handed (top 3 get paid) he ran AA into KK only to have a K flop.  Don't feel too sorry for him though.  He and I ended up getting heads up.  That's right.  This guy took horrible beats and still ended up in the final two.  I had about 2/3 of the chips to his 1/3 and my sleep deprived brain offer to just let him have second place money.  He didn't take it and rightfully so.  We played some more and when we got to even stacks we settled on an even chop.  Considering I was in for only one buyin AND collected FOUR bounties I was justifiably thrilled.   

I have to apologize to Lightning36!  He drove 100 miles to play my game and I took him out when I completed my small blind with Q8 sooooooooooted versus his Ax big blind.  He shipped his short stack and I spite called.  I blame my addled brain and the fact that it was soooooooooted.  I sucked out to take him out of the game and scored his bounty.


Memphis MOJO said...

"I'm all in."

Sweet music.

SirFWALGMan said...

NEVER EVER apologize for spite calling Lightning!!!!

lightning36 said...

Ah Waffles, blinds were huge and I don't blame gadzooks for making the call with a sooted queen. Knowing you, you'd have called with some shit like 6-2os and then crowed about your donkatude.

Fun time, zooks. Thanks again for the invite.