Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Pokering

Summer pokering has been pretty much nonexistent.  But, it has been profitable.  Since I took a vast majority on my bankroll offline I have been relegated to my old stomping grounds: 25NL. 

Back in the day (said in my best old person voice and, NO, that is not my everyday voice), the 25NL tables were just loaded with donkeys.  Good ole 'merican donkeys.  Now they are full of Eurodonks.  Well, ok, not so much donks but definitely not the rock garden it used to be before poker became big across the pond.

Check out my graph for this month:

Not too shabby. 

Even better is my graph since May:

Now don't go being that person that speaks of things such as "statistically insignificant" and "totally (un)sustainable".  Don't be that guy.  Just don't.

My kids are going back to school soon and I plan to hit my local boat more than I did last year - they just started spreading 1/2 PLO!  I also plan to play more online.  I have friends that are poker coaches and one offered me an hour of coaching in exchange for all the computer tech support I have given him.  Sounds like a win/win to me.

So look for me at the 25NL tables and then find a different table to play, damnit!  These are my eurodonks.  Go find your own.  :)

P.S.  The PokerSlut Tour will resume the Sunday after Labor Day weekend!  Be there!

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