Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rush Flush

I had no intention of even trying to do that Rush Week promo on Full Tilt.  Hell, I haven’t even fired up FTP in ages except to try out the Rush app on my phone. 

Snuffy asked me if I was going to do it and I said, “Uh, hell no,” or something equally as obnoxious.  Then I had to sign in to do some research for a writing job only to have the Rush promo pop up in my face.  It was easier to just say yes and go on than to turn it down. 

There I was sitting there on the couch last night.  Nothing new on the intertubes.  Ho hum.  Aw heck, I should fire up FTP and play some Rush pokers cause they are sooooo much fun.  Not.  No, not really.  Not fun at all.  The last several times I played Rush I swore I would never, ever play that shite again.

So, instead of playing my usual stakes I figured I could just donk around at $10 Rush.  That can’t be that painful, right?  I mean, how long can it take me to get 10 FPPs at Rush?  (I totally forgot that FTP decided to change their FPP formula to reward the agrodonktarded players and penalize the nits.  And by nits, I mean me.

I play the few small pairs I get until I pick up KK.  I raise it up and get a caller.  An A on flop but I still bet at it and get raised.  I fold like the nit I am and move on.  Since I have the auto-top off feature turned on I have no idea how down I am when I pick up KK again.  The flop comes out 8 high and, once again, my c-bet gets raised but I’m not going to fold this time. It all goes in on the flop and I’m rewarded with a nice double up versus 99.

Then comes THE HAND.

  • Pre-Flop ($0.15, 9 players) Hero is CO
  • sJ s9

2 folds, DieBySword901 raises to $0.20, 2 folds, Hero calls $0.20, 2 folds, izei84 calls $0.10

  • Flop ($0.65, 3 players)
  • sK h5 sQ

izei84 checks, DieBySword901 checks, Hero bets $0.40, izei84 raises to $1.10, DieBySword901 folds, Hero calls $0.70

  • Turn ($2.85, 2 players)
  • s7

izei84 checks, Hero bets $2.85, izei84 calls $2.85

  • River ($8.55, 2 players)
  • sT

izei84 checks, Hero bets $6, izei84 folds

  • Final Pot: $14.55
  • Hero wins $13.98 (net +$3.83)
  • izei84 lost $4.15
  • DieBySword901 lost $0.20

Yeah, I was feeling jiggy.  I mean who wouldn’t play that in position??? 

I was totally not going away on that flop.  I had second nut flush and a gutterball straight flush draw.  I think that’s donkey for, “I’m ready to gambol, bitches!” 

Why oh why couldn’t that guy have the As?  Sigh.  I was convinced he did or I wouldn’t have bet so much.  As it was, I’m sure he wasn’t calling any bet on that river.

I’ve hit four royal flushes on FTP and a few straight flushes but I never suspected I would actually hit one at Rush since I mostly set mine my pairs and hope to stack somebody.  Rush just doesn’t lend itself to playing a lot of soooooted connectors. 

I managed to get my 10 FPPs in just 115 hands.  As soon as I was done with the Rush Flush hand I logged off.  Nothing like quitting while you are ahead.  Smile

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OhCaptain said...

Well done! The way the cards have been going for me, someone else would have magically hit the wrap around straight flush and FTP would have a bug and pay them off. I hate rush. :)