Saturday, January 08, 2011


htc-droid-incredible-e1Ever since I got my Droid Incredible phone last year my boys have always wanted to mess with it.  Unlike some parents I know, I do not encourage my kids to play with my stuff.  I don’t give them my phone to keep them entertained and out of my hair.  Never.  That’s why I buy them their own gadgets, damnit!

They have had plain cell phones for over a year and half and have done quite well with them.  The youngest hasn’t yet gotten into the texting craze but the oldest has damn near worn the buttons off his phone.  He would complain to me that the sounds weren’t working anymore but I would be able to revive it in a few minutes – that boy messes with his settings a tad too much methinks.  There was a moment there when he thought I might actually get him a new phone but, alas, I was able to fix his.  Bwaahahahahha.

At the time he was trolling for a new phone I told him he was eligible for an upgrade in January and he should just wait until then.  There was a good chance he could get a really nice phone if he waited. 

After spying deals for phones AND Verizon offering a deal on service for lines upgraded from feature phones to smart phones I was seriously considering getting them Droid Incredibles when their upgrade was available.

By the time Christmas rolled around I had promised them new android phones as a gift but they wouldn’t get them until the upgrade date.  I had tried a couple places and was told there was no way to upgrade early.  Wait they must.  Yes, on occasion, I let my inner Yoda loose.

On Monday I had to call Verizon about our bill so I asked how long this Feature Phone to Smartphone upgrade offer would last.  Baaaaaaaah!  It was going to expire on 1/7.  That was not good.  I groused about getting my sons smartphones when their upgrade was available on 1/20 but I really wanted that deal.  After a little back and forth with the representative she offered to do the upgrade for me now!  AND I qualified for the BOGO offer on Droid Incredibles. 


Somehow I neglected to mention this deal to either of my boys.  Smile

FedEx was supposed to deliver them by 7pm on Thursday.  Of course, I bowl on Thursday morning.  I think you see where I’m going with this, Fedex attempted delivery while I was bowling and would not be able to redeliver.  If I wanted the phones I would have to pick them up at their office.  Sigh.

I had this elaborate plan for surprising the boys with their new phones.  So off I went to FedEx with charged batteries in tow.  After picking up the package I headed to my favorite Starbucks for free wifis.  It took me about an hour and a half to get the phones activated, loaded with apps, and the surprise ringtone installed.

HTC-Droid-Incredible-Verizon-Preorder-530x456The plan was to sneak the phones into their bedrooms, wait for them to get home from swimming, then set off the “Where’s My Droid” app to ring for five minutes – giving them enough time to find the hidden phones.

The youngest was already home when I got back with the newly activated phones.  I had to BS with him in his room until I spotted an opportunity to plant the phone.  The oldest was easy since he wasn’t home yet.

Zooks97 gets home from swimming, and, instead of going straight to his room like he usually does, he proceeded to bend my ear for a full 15 minutes.  Every other comment from me was, “Go get in the shower,” but he wasn’t taking the hint.  Finally, he headed upstairs and TOH and I sent off the triggering text messages.

After what seemed like an eon, their phones started ringing.  Within moments Zooks97 was downstairs yelling, “This is the best way EVER to get a new phone!”

Mission accomplished!

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